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Octagon Symbol: How To Activate & Use it Daily!

How To Activate and Use The Octagon Symbol Energy in Your Daily Life! 

Are You Drawn to the Octagon symbol?
is not an accident!
The Octagon Symbol is a Powerful Healing, Life Balancing and Energy Aligning Code.
It will SHIFT You!
Geometric symbols are coming into our awareness as spiritual tools for healing and creation. They activate us and provide information for higher Consciousness 5D Life!

(Recording Length 46min:31secs)

In this Audio MP3 You will learn:
~Why you are drawn to the Octagon Symbol
~Practical ways you can effectively  use the Octagon Symbol or Geometry in your daily life...
~How to Activate the Octagon Symbol so it can work for you...
~The 2 combination keys needed to activate the Octagon Symbol Energy...
~Why the Octagon is one of the powerful energies of the 5D new Earth
~How to create an Octagon Forcefield of energy to shift your frequency, change undesirable life situations, heal yourself and those you love...
~How I came across this information...and so much more fun transformative stuff.

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