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Labradorite Crystal Talks

LabradoriteI AM LABRADORITE: I am here to shine the spotlight on you, help you remove the false mask so that you can live your authentic truth!

The first time I ever saw a shimmering Labradorite crystal…I was left breathless! I had never seen a crystal so beautiful, so magical looking and so mystical. I remember thinking to myself; “this can’t be real…this can’t be a real stone!”

I am so glad I found Labradorite because it came into my life at a time when I was struggling with being my authentic self. Massive, scary but necessary changes were occurring in my life. I had experienced a spiritual awakening that had completely altered my idea of reality and truth. I was caught up in personal growth situations that demanded I take off my false mask and embrace my authentic self so that I could move forward in truth. I was confused about how to show up in the world because even though I desired to step forth in my truth…I didn't know how to transition from the “old me” who was used to wearing a false mask into my authentic self. 

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Pyrite (Fool's Gold) Talks!

Pyrite Fools GoldI AM PYRITE: I am here to teach you to accept yourself because you are not a substitute. You are valuable and unique in your own right.

I must confess that when Pyrite a.k.a fool’s Gold first came into my life…my intention was to use it for abundance and wealth creation purposes. The idea of using Pyrite for my abundance crystal grids and for my wealth creation jars resonated with me and had come to me from books I had read.

This beautiful brass looking, almost golden looking stone glistened beautifully and was so attractive! Just having it around me made me feel rich! Since it looked like Gold to me, I thought that it was the best stone to use as a symbol for manifestation of cold hard cash!

My impression about Pyrite changed a couple of weeks ago when Pyrite decided to speak up and let me know what it was really about! One morning, I was drawn to meditate with Pyrite. As I held it in my hands…I felt the word self-acceptance come up strongly. I looked at the crystal with my inner eyes and the word self-acceptance was repeated again.  Since crystals talk, I decided to pay close attention and when I did…I heard the Pyrite say; “Caroline, please look at me closely”. It sounded like it was almost begging…so I tuned in fully. Then I heard it ask me; “What about me?” “What about me?”

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Black Tourmaline Talks!

Black TourmalineI am Black Tourmaline: I am here to help you manage anger, dissolve fear, get calm, grounded and be protected.

Black Tourmaline came into my life at a time when I was very angry. I was angry with myself, with others and with almost everything! My fuse was very short and it appeared that any little thing would be a trigger that set me off.

Even though I considered myself a spiritual person and employed various spiritual practices which helped a lot…I still struggled to manage my angry feelings. Just when I thought I had forgiven myself, others and what not…something would happen and BOOM! The angry feelings would surface again with great urgency. It was as though they had never really left. I felt like a ticking time bomb.

To the outside world, I appeared to be a well-balanced and contained person but inside, the raging waves of anger were roaring. I felt that so many things were going out of control and because I could not control those things, the fear I felt manifested as anger.

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Malachite Crystal Talks

Malachite CrystalI am Malachite: The healing stone of truth!  I shine the light, reveal hidden, painful, hurtful emotions so you can love yourself.

Malachite was the first crystal I ever officially owned. At the time Malachite came into my life, I was so unaware of crystals and their healing and loving properties that I couldn't have cared less.

When Malachite came into my life, I was experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil. I was sad, my spirit was heavy and my heart felt like it was irreparably broken. I felt like I was carrying a huge burden on my shoulders and that I was tethered down with a heavy chain around my neck. I really didn't know what to do to ease the pain I was feeling other than engage with life in a zombie like state. Little did I know that Malachite would soon unleash its full healing power in my life, highlight the issues that were going on in my life and “force” me to deal with all my hidden crap!

My dad had given me Malachite necklaces as gifts. The vibrant green Malachite necklaces were absolutely stunning and the green to black bands were so captivating. However, I could not wear the necklaces because every time I did, I felt as though the weight I was feeling around my neck and shoulders was increasing. For some reason, it always felt as though my neck would snap under their weight!  It was such a weird experience and because I had no idea what was going on…I stopped wearing them. I felt that the price of wearing these gorgeous necklaces was too high to pay!

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