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About Fossil Healing Magic

Ammonite and Goniatites: The Powerful Ancient Spirals Of Nature That Help Us Change & Grow and Expand!

Our Fossils... Ammonite and Goniatites carry ancient wisdom and knowledge that reminds us how to grow and expand in this life.  Each piece has been carefully and lovingly selected to represent not only visual beauty which is healing in itself but also various energetic consciousness information contained within it and on its surface which activate the process of wellness and wholeness. The spirals within them represent the natural  eternal, visual, creation language of the universe.

Sacred Geometry:

The sacred geometry energy of our Ammonite and Goniatites Fossils is the heart shape and the spirals on each fossil pendant.

Everything we do begins from the center…from the heart and then expands or spirals outward...each spiral getting wider to reveal the growth and expansion that we want in our lives or that is going on in our lives.  
The magic of the spiral is such a useful tool in creating what we want in our lives and also for eliminating what we do not want from our lives!

The spiral is a common element of sacred geometry as well as in all natural growth and development. The spiral pattern is found in all of nature...and in creation.

How To Work with Your Ammonite and Goniatite Pendant:

One simple way of working with these natural heart pendants that contain the ancient energies of fossils that had the shape of spiral coils and to start from the center point of the spiral on the pendant. This point can represent your heart or any issue you want to either grow or expand. Then you can visualize your hearts desire spiraling from the center which is your heart and expanding outwardly, getting wider and wider and going forth into the universe or into the full manifestation and actualization of your desire.
In the same can diminish and dissolve into love the issues that bother you by visualizing the seemingly huge issues getting smaller as they spiral into a place of love....the center of your heart.

The Ammonite and Goniatites sacred geometry of spiral resonates with the blue print of expansion in every of our lives and within hearts and activates this awareness in us...and all this is always for our highest good no matter how it may look on the outside.

The heart shapes of our  Ammonite and Goniatite pendants are a representation of the universal symbol of love in general and love for ourselves in particular. It also anchors the understanding that everything we do including all our healing starts from within the heart center and then flows to all other aspects of our lives.

Ammonite and Goniatite Color:

The Earthy Brown, Reddish, Black, Greyish and Beigish, Whitish colors on the Ammonites and Goniatites symbolize  grounding, stability, strength, solidity, structure and mother earths support in the growth and expansion of your soul and life in general...all occurring in a very natural and organic way.  
All these qualities and more are inherent in the  Ammonite and Goniatite fossil energy.

It is recommended that silver or copper necklaces or chains be used with these pendants because silver promotes intuitive flow and subconscious awareness and will be helpful for release and with the moving blocked emotional energy. Other types of natural cords can also be used.


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