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About Our Malachite

Malachite: The Powerful Change & Transformation Crystal Which Shines The Light and Reveals The Hidden For Release & Well-Being!

Our Malachite pendant crystals are genuine Malachite from the Congo. They have been carefully and lovingly selected to represent not only visual beauty which is healing in itself but also various energetic consciousness information contained within them and on their surface which activate the process of wellness and wholeness.This the eternal, visual, creation language of the universe.

Sacred Geometry:

The sacred geometry energy of our malachite crystals is the heart shape and the concentric circles or bands on each crystal pendant.

Everything we do begins from the center…from the heart and then expands outward in concentric bands and waves to help us grow, expand, connect and reach that which we need for our highest good.
As the heart expands…healing is brought to us via waves of information coming to our awareness through the concentric circles and highlighting the hidden issues that need release so that we can clear them, raise our vibes, feel good , heal and love ourselves.

The Malachite sacred geometry of concentric circles and bands resonates with the blue print of expansion of our hearts and activates this awareness in us.

The heart shapes of our Malachite pendants are a representation of the universal symbol of love in general and love for ourselves in particular. It also anchors the understanding that everything we do including all our healing starts from within the heart center and then flows to all other aspects of our lives.

The circle is a sacred geometrical symbol of wholeness and completion of a process. The concentric circles on Malachite represent expansion from the heart center outward. Malachite has many concentric bands and these waves of energy ripple through our energetic fields in layers…bringing to our awareness all that we need to see so that we can release…layer by layer, band by band, wave by wave, circle by circle. Once we take the necessary action we raise our vibrations, feel awesome and experience ultimate expansion of well-being.

Green Malachite Color:

The Green Malachite color symbolizes healing energy, the heart chakra, Mother Nature, new life or new beginnings, forward movement, growth, creation, fertility, harmony, balance, rejuvenation, revitalization, regeneration, renewal, restoration, wholeness, well-being, youthfulness, fruitfulness, productivity, money, prosperity and abundance.
All these qualities and more are inherent in the malachite crystal energy.

Malachite has banding or swirls of dark and light green and the green comes from the copper contained within the stone. The presence of water is attributed to the various shades of green. The more water in the copper, the lighter the shade of green and the less water in the copper, the darker the shade of green.
The lighter green parts of the malachite work on the emotions and intuitive side while the darker parts of the stone provide the masculine drive that helps bring change and transformation. It doesn’t matter what color combination of malachite you chose. The intelligence of the energies within each stone and your intuitive higher-self know what you need and balances out perfectly.

Malachite contains copper which conducts heat and electricity. The copper element helps to move the electric energy through our bodies and assists in clearing stuck energy that causes energetic blockages.

It is recommended that silver or copper necklaces or chains be used with these pendants because silver promotes intuitive flow and subconscious awareness and will be helpful for release and with the moving blocked emotional energy. Other types of natural cords can also be used.

What to expect when working with Our Malachite Crystal Jewelry:

Malachite crystals are wonderful, powerful tools for emotional work and personal transformation.
These are very powerful stones for emotional clearing so working with them is initially likely to bring to the surface uncomfortable feelings within you. This is a good sign because the hidden dense energies lodged deep within your cellular memory make themselves known so that they can be dealt with. These dense feelings are not to be ignored and only come up so you can recognize them, process them and release them from your energetic body. While this process is going on the malachite pendants can be worn consistently until the process is complete. You will know that the work is done when you feel lighter and absolutely awesome.

Care of your Malachite Crystal Heart Pendant:

Malachite is a soft stone and is easily scratched or chipped and may become dull over time through handling. It is sensitive to water, acid and heat and it is preferable to cleanse them using sage or sound healing bowls or tones, indirect sunlight or moonlight and not water or salt because they will become dull.