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Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline, Powerful Healing and Energy "PROTECTION" Crystal.

Our Black Tourmaline Tumbled Crystals are Genuine Black Tourmaline from Madagascar.  Black Tourmaline is an Opaque Black colored stone with raw pieces appearing with striations although the Pieces we are selling here are a tumbled smooth version of Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a Powerful Energy Protection Crystal! Fantastic for Your Energy Field and Aura!
As You Increase Your Light...The Protection Becomes Automatic!

I do my best to accurately photograph the pieces I sell, however variations in color may appear. It is a fine line between too much light and not enough light. Some stones are lightened too much by the light, others are too dark. Let’s just say, I am not a professional photographer.  My intention for the up close photos is to ensure that you see close details pertaining to the beauty and clarity of the Tumbled Stone You Have Chosen.

Photo Color and Size:
The Black Tourmaline Tumbled Crystals vary in size and the Photo size shown may not be indicative of the real size. They all however have an approximate size of between 2" inch wide and 3" inches length. Approximate measurements available upon request.

Your experience with these energy tools may be subtle or profound but are nonetheless transformative as you allow for the consciousness exchange to occur and assist you in your process.
The right crystal will always find you. I encourage you to intuitively engage with the Black Tourmaline Crystal that is here to partner with and assist you. Your heart will energetically recognize if it is the right piece for you.

Black Tourmaline Palm Sized Crystal

 PLEASE NOTE: Black Tourmaline Crystal Protection

You Will RECEIVE a Carefully and Lovingly Selected Black Tourmaline Tumbled Crystal That Looks More Or Less Like The One In the  Picture Image!


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