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Lapis Lazuli Heart Pendants

Lapis Lazuli Crystal: (Powerful Royal Blue Stone of The Gods)- Connect To Your Higher, Intuitive Self & Make Your Dreams Come True!

All the healing crystals and natural jewelry offered here is based on the transformative energies of Sacred Geometry of nature, the Energy of Crystal Consciousness, Angelic Consciousness, Metal consciousness, Color Therapy, 13th Octave Lahochi Healing Energy, Ancient and Remembered Wisdom and Present Intuitive Guidance.

They have all been carefully and lovingly selected to represent not only visual beauty which is healing in itself but also various energetic consciousness information is contained within them and on their surface to activate the process of wellness and wholeness on the wearer.

Your experience with these energy tools may be subtle or profound but are nonetheless transformative as you allow for the consciousness exchange to occur and assist you in your process.
The right crystal will always find you. I encourage you to intuitively engage with the Malachite crystal pendant that draws you and that is here to partner with and assist you. Your heart will energetically recognize the right piece for you.