About Us

Inspiration for Crystals Talk Jewelry:

Crystals Talk Energy tools are all about activating change, bringing healing, deep personal transformation, inner awakening and connecting you to your personal alchemy. They also assist you in your courageous process as you align with an authentic, powerful, healthful life filled with love, joy, creativity, open hearts, growth and expansion on all levels.

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Crystals Talk Energy Healing Tools are consciousness and vibration raising energy tools which are all about Self Love, Choosing Ourselves and Loving Ourselves enough to want to heal on every level and Feel Good about our lives again!

All the Jewelry offered is based on the healing and transformative energies of Sacred Geometry, the Energy of Crystal Consciousness, Angelic Consciousness, Metal consciousness, Color Therapy, 13th Octave Lahochi Healing Energy, Ancient and Remembered Wisdom and Present Intuitive Guidance. 

The combination of the Jewelry Energies and your Personal Intention for healing and self love activate healing, clearing and releasing of toxic energies. They introduce a flush of love into your being, open and expand the heart, raises your vibrations and promotes growth and expansion of consciousness. 
The lovingly selected pieces of jewelry activate healing that begins on the subtle auric fields of the mind and emotions which often leads to powerful life transformations.

How to work with Crystals Talk Energy Healing Jewelry:

The energies contained within the jewelry promote the recognition and release of dense and stuck energies that are consciously or subconsciously held in our thoughts and emotions and which usually prevent us from experiencing life from a place of joy and love.

Since the energy within the jewelry begins to work on the thoughts and emotions you may experience the effects as a need for change which when acted upon can lead to powerful transformation, feelings of well being and balance, an uptick of overall life enjoyment and so much more.

Working and engaging with these tools is a co-creation process which requires our participation and willingness to do the personal inner work to release emotions, thoughts and situations that don’t serve us so that we can feel good about our lives again.
Once the dense energies in our lives have been released, we can experience powerful personal life transformations.

How one experiences these energy tools may be subtle or profound but will be nonetheless transformative as one allows for the consciousness exchange to occur and assist them in their process. Us