• Malachite Copper Infinity Pendant 3

Our Malachite pendant crystals are genuine Malachite from the Congo. They have been carefully and lovingly selected to represent not only visual beauty which is healing in itself but also various energetic consciousness information contained within them and on their surface which activate the process of wellness and wholeness.
Sacred Geometry is the eternal, visual, creation language of the universe. The sacred geometry energy of our malachite crystals is the heart shape and the concentric circles or bands on each crystal pendant.

Malachite Pendant Photos additional information: 
Malachite has a vibrant green color that varies between bright green, dark green and blackish green. I do my best to accurately photograph the pieces I sell, however variations in color may appear. It is a fine line between too much light and not enough light. Some stones are lightened too much by the light, others are too dark. Let’s just say, I am not a professional photographer. 
My intention for the up close photos is to ensure that you see close details pertaining to the beauty of the pendant you have chosen and the clarity of the beautiful patterning of the concentric bands of the Malachite crystal.

Photo Color and size:
The Malachite pendants vary in size and the Photo size shown may not be indicative of the real size.
The malachite pendants have an approximate width size of  about an 1" inch or less.  
Approximate measurements available upon request.

The Malachite pendant comes with a COPPER chain. 

Copper is very healing and is super helpful for releasing stuck energy and with the moving blocked emotional energy. You many however choose to use any other types of natural cords can also be used.

Malachite Copper Infinity Pendant 3

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