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Invite Caroline Jalango To Speak At Your Event

Invite Me To Speak At Your Event...  

I Would Love to Help Deliver Awesome Value to Your Audience! 

If you are hosting a Metaphysical or Spiritual Event, Class, Webinar or Podcast and want to collaborate on these specialized topics:

  • Crystals...Everything Crystals!
  • Conscious Manifesting and Law of Attraction
  • How To Raise Your Vibration & Light Quotient
  • Intuition, Dreams, Consciousness, Spirituality, Awakening

Book Caroline Jalango To Speak at Your Event:


Crystals as a subject matter and how to use and work with them as spiritual tools is something that I have effectively taught and effusively shared with others over many years. I have a very intuitive and unique approach to the subject of crystals and I deliver this information in a fresh and inspiring way that makes loving crystals a joyful and effortless affair!

My conversations about crystals have left many with an eagerness to work with crystals, activated a deepened or renewed love for their crystals and inspired a passion within others to delve into the world of crystals.


I am also a channel for higher consciousness information around the meanings and uses of Sacred Geometry Symbols. This subject matter is one that I have publicly shared—although in a limited way as an introduction to these 5D and beyond blueprints of creation.

The use of Sacred Geometry is and will be the new foundation for creation and manifestation in 5D and beyond new earth...and there is a lot more high level information on this subject that I currently offer to those who are drawn to work with sacred geometry as tools for creation and manifestation.

I am currently offering some of this work in downloadable Audio and Ebooks Media Format.

I am open and willing to teach these creation concepts to your Audience.

The consciousness expanding conversations that I offer around the subject matter of crystals and the practical uses of sacred geometry in daily life and other conversations around spiritual awakening and ascension range from information tailored just for those who are beginners in the crystal journey all the way through to advanced information on crystal consciousness that I have never publicly discussed before.

This information can be tailored to meet your audience needs.

If you are are interested in participating in collaborative and co-creative events or in sponsoring, hosting, offering workshop and seminar venues... kindly connect with me via email: or