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Speaking and Upcoming Events

Collaboration and Co-Creation Requests and Opportunities:

The 5D High Vibrational Energy & 5D Earth is now here for all those who are awakening and remembering who they are... 
Many of us are now returning to Authentic ways of BEING with ourselves and with others... 

As We expand...New/Ancient Multidimensional Skills, Information, Light language, Wisdom, Knowledge and Personal Experience are coming online for us to share with others.

UNITY, CO-CREATION, COLLABORATION & EXPANSION in TRUTH...with Heart Minded Soul Family is the way forward for all who wish to assist others during this period of mass awakening and ascension in consciousness.

There is so much expansive healing and loving work to do and we can't do all the work we are here to do alone and by ourselves. We need each other.

I am therefore reaching out to soul groups and soul family who are interested in participating in collaborative and co-creative events or in sponsoring, hosting, offering workshop and seminar venues... to kindly connect with me via email: