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Conscious Manifestors!

Today I want to share with you a super useful tip you can use to LIFT OTHERS UP from their unlovely states as part of your loving service to others—which is ultimately service to yourself.

As awakened beings, I am sure we all know this and in case you do not…consider yourself notified. We all know that while we are individuals here in the physical realm…we are truly ONE or part of the ONE on a higher divine level.

That is why…whenever we do something for others…or whenever we use our creative abilities to lift others up into better situations—we are really doing it for ourselves.

That person you are lifting up is YOU and that seed you are sowing on their behalf is an investment in yourself and it is a seed that you are ultimately going to manifest. It is a seed that will also show up for you in some way as a wonderful harvest! So—you really can’t lose or go wrong doing this. It is a win-win all the way!

Anyway—sometime last year...I started playing around big time with using my IMAGINATION to consciously LIFT specific people UP into LOVELIER STATES.

I started with some family members, some friends and some random people who had come into MY DIRECT AWARENESS through the news or through Facebook and who were experiencing some unlovely life situations. By the way, I am one who whole-heartedly believes that there is NO ACCIDENT in my World. So, when certain situations catch my attention…I notice and do what I feel compelled to do.

What I have discovered through conscious creation for others which thrills me so much…is the constant realization of just how WE truly are POWERFUL CREATORS and how powerful our imagination is! It never gets old…it never does!!!

I have TESTED and PROVEN this approach of lifting others up…through my own conscious PRACTICE and I am excited to SHARE it with you—so that you too can test it for yourself and use it to LIFT OTHERS UP, if it is something that you want to do!

Anyway…This is what I have been doing:

Anytime I hear or become aware of someone in a situation…it could be a health, financial, unemployment, legal, physical, mental or emotional crisis—it doesn't could be anything!

Whenever I really know that someone wants something lovely in their lives and I know that they are currently experiencing some scary stuff in this physical world that is contrary to what they ultimately want...

I LIFT them UP by bringing them in IMAGINATION into my MINDS EYE/INNER EYE—and once I have them there—in my IMAGINATION—I see them as the person that I know they want to be, or I see them as already having what I know they really want to have or would love to have. 

So for example: If they are currently sick…I see them as well and happy in my imagination…if they are currently jobless…I see them as gainfully employed and having a steady reliable sufficient income that they are happy with…and so forth.

It is true that sometimes it is not easy to NAIL in imagination the desired state we want for others...especially when looking at the glaring, outer physical realities involved in some situations...

It can be scary and intimidating to imagine something different for them…but I have trained myself to ignore the outer realities. I have trained myself to shut them out and to focus on the possibilities of the INNER Creative Higher Power WITHIN and I have found that it doesn't disappoint! while all this lifting up is going on in my consciousness…I also start paying attention to how I am perceiving that person in the PHYSICAL WORLD.

There has to be a congruency and an ALIGNMENT of Intention—with what I am creating within me or in my imagination and how I am perceiving and continuing to experience that person I am lifting up in the physical world. There has to be a match.

For example—I can't be lifting someone up in my imagination and imagining them as being healthy and then continue seeing them as being sick or unwell in the physical world. I have to be congruent within and without.

So…what I do is—in the physical realm...I ALSO START perceiving the person I am lifting up as I have already perceived them in my mind’s eye and I see them as being in the lovely STATE that I am sure they want to be in or would love to be in.

After I am done lifting them up...I REMAIN CONFIDENT in my Imaginal Act—knowing it is already as I have imagined. I implicitly TRUST what I have done and move on with life knowing that it is already a done deal. Period.

So..the EXCITING thing I have NOTICED:

Is that as the days, weeks and months have gone by...there have been several instances where I have received direct confirmation through personal interaction with these Beautiful Souls that I have been privately lifting up that have confirmed to me that what I did PRIVATELY in IMAGINATION WORKED for them!!! It WORKED!!!

In some cases, I have read or heard FABULOUS NEWS or I have seen a post where it was mentioned that something LOVELY and WONDERFUL had occurred in the lives of these individuals.

There have also been times where I just observed or noticed that these individuals were now experiencing an optimistic change of attitude and were now happier...or that a much desired change of circumstance/environment had occurred in their lives and that they were now in a much lovelier state or that they now had what they really wanted!

Conscious Manifestors! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL TO OBSERVE and Ooouuuuu! It is a really wonderful thing when what you have perceived in imagination is confirmed in others PHYSICAL REALITY—That inner knowing that YOU KNOW the Secret of How to Work Magic and Miracles is just powerful! What Joy!!!

Anyway…I just Love it and it is something we can all do. So TRY IT!

Oh! By the way, before I forget—please keep this in mind as you lovingly lift others up...

One thing I always make sure to do while lifting others up…is to make sure that I don’t say a word to them or tell them what I am doing. There is really no need for that because lifting others up is private loving work! And even after I notice that their lives have changed, I take no credit for it. I just privately jump up and down with joy knowing that the Power within us works all the time.

So...again…Conscious Manifestors! KEEP LIFTING OTHERS UP!


So there really is no LOSS for us but much GAIN.

What is going on is that—We have temporarily forgotten that we are ONE...but as Awakened Beings…WE are all NOW remembering this ONENESS that We ARE.

DO THIS and Make 2019 YOUR BEST Year Yet!

Conscious Manifestors!

I really want you all to Make 2019 the BEST so, I am gonna SHARE one of My Favorite Manifesting Tips with you...So...notice and apply!

Okay...So...take a moment and get comfortable...

Close your eyes...and In YOUR IMAGINATION...go to the end of 2019, December 31st Year from now...
FEEL the end of 2019 as vividly and as clearly as you can...feel as though you are already there on that last day of 2019...doing whatever you usually do on New Years Eve and feel yourself...feeling absolutely Fantastic on the last day of 2019!

Now...From that vantage point...
FEEL...the feeling of how Wonderful 2019 has been!!! Sit in that FEELING for a brief moment...and Really FEEL the reality of it in your Imagination...

"EXPERIENCE" that FEELING of YOU having ALREADY HAD a wonderful 2019...feel it as being REAL for you...right now...connect with it right now...

And then...Break your Imagination and snap back...
It is done! You have done it! 2019 is gonna be Wonderful!!!

Now...what next?

From this present moment...Walk every day KNOWING that 2019 is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! Live...starting right now... knowing that YOUR 2019 already is FANTASTIC!

No matter what is confronting you in your current reality right now...YOU have seen the END of your 2019 in IMAGINATION and YOU already know it is ending well...and 2019 has been a WONDERFUL YEAR!

So...WALK BOLDLY in 2019...Stay Loyal to your imagination and to already having experienced 2019 as being wonderful!
Persist and sustain this creation.


2019 is a wonderful YEAR because You are the CREATOR and YOU have already CREATED the wonderful Year in your Imagination...and you did it by consciously using your IMAGINATION...which AWAKENED BEINGS all know is THE POWER!

BELIEVE IT! Believe it...Believe in You and Your POWERFUL IMAGINATION...the CREATOR YOU!


Caroline Jalango


My Secret For Easily Stopping Unwanted Life Situations

Hey There!
What PAST unwanted experience is repeating in your life and therefore affecting your current life?


Whatever it is...If you keep falling short of your desires just before they manifest...if you keep manifesting the same types of unhealthy relationships...if you keep manifesting the opposite of what you wanted...if you feel like it’s always one thing or the other happening, keep having the same types of problems…or if your current ideas about health, wealth, relationships, work…are not serving you…

It’s time to STOP and REBOOT!

SHHHHH...I am SHARING with you below... a sample piece of ONE of my Most Effective Life Changing SECRETS...



Enjoy the SAMPLE...and if it makes sense and you want the rest, YOU CAN instantly download it below for a few bucks.

Caroline Jalango


"These 3 LIFE TRANSFORMING STRATEGIES have to do with changing the PAST, the PRESENT and the FUTURE.

1.To change the PAST and how it is impacting you today -USE REVISION.
3.To change the FUTURE or to design the future you desire-USE XXXXXXXXXX.

YOU can use these strategies to immediately start MAKING RADICAL CHANGES in your LIFE RIGHT NOW.


PURPOSE: To stop PAST unwanted patterns from impacting your current/present life.


Revision is an effective strategy you can use to change something from the past...whether it occurred eons ago...or whether it occurred a fraction of a second ago—into what you would have it rather it had been.
You can use it to stop recurring unwanted patterns or cycles in your life which keep getting you the same unwanted results—so that you can get on a new track of life which produces the results you desire.

If you want to get out of a repetitive cycle of unwanted stuff because you have just had enough…this strategy is for you!

In using revision or when you are revising a past event — you are NOT just literally changing “the past event” that started this repeat cycle in your life—what you are doing is you are changing the IMPACT that the past event currently has on you.
So, you are essentially creating new memories or new resource states by revising those past events into how you would have rather they had been.

For instance, if you have had a series of bad relationships and the trend seems to be ongoing—you can use the revision strategy to “go back” in the past through your imagination… and imagine every one of those past relationships as having been ideal—or you could revise the relationships or the memories of them to what you would have rather they had been.

So, for example…if you had broken up with someone in a terrible way and you preferred to have had a harmonious ending…you would revise it or create a new memory where you got back together after the break up—and then amicably parted ways or you would revise it so the memory is one where never had a terrible break up…you had a great relationship but you both decided to harmoniously part ways.

This imaginal act of revision implies that something NEW is now guiding the track of your life…a new memory…a new pattern. This stops the current repeated cycle of bad relationships; lays new tracks for your future relationships and ensures that your future relationships are on track for something different—which is success without all the past baggage.

Revision is therefore about creating a new memory (or history) about past events. It is an imaginal act of remembering things as you desire them to have gone. It is about creating new memories and memories are created through experience. So, in imagination, you would go back into that past experience...access a memory of that unwanted experience you had with a person, situation, event…and then create a new memory that you prefer.

Doing this is not about re-living what happened as this may be traumatic for some people. It is simply about accessing a memory you don’t want so that you can replace it with a memory you prefer. This allows you to consciously stop an unwanted repeat cycle…here in this moment.

After you have created a new memory of a past event…you remain in the experience until you’re self-persuaded, until that experience FEELS true, feels MORE REAL than the “old memory” or until it becomes in your mind…”THE WAY” you now remember that event/person/period of time. This new memory is now the life track you must persist in…it is the new you.

Again, the point of revision is not to edit out past memories. It is to create new memories. It is not about editing words and actions that occurred in the past…it is about creating an entirely new memory or a new experience of the event having gone the way you wanted.

Usually the new memory is of something that would have either naturally preceded or followed the event in question—something that implies things couldn’t have gone or turned out any other way than as you desired.

It is so EASY! You can change the trajectory of your life experiences—just like that and REVISION is a strategy that you can use in so many beneficial ways as you will see further ahead in this book..."

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