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Meet Caroline

Caroline Jalango, Energy Healer, Intuitive Coach, Translator of Light Language Codes & Symbol Messages...

Higher Mission:

  • I am here to BE LOVE and to BE JOY! 
  • I Serve as One Who Awakens Consciousness through High Vibrational Resonance and Radiation of Light and Love. 
  • I Bring Healing and Transformation through the Interpretation of Higher Light Codes and Symbols.

My life is ever evolving and shifting...nothing is static! It is a beautiful unfolding of an Ascending Being on an exquisite journey of remembering who I truly AM and embodying My Multi-dimensionality... the 3D physical reality...below is a brief story of my ever evolving, wondrous journey as a radiant being of light and a little information that touches upon some experiences that laid the foundation of who I am today...Laughing

Guiding Quote:
Know yourself first, then adorn yourself accordingly.
The above quotation represents the underlying theme of my life. I just love it!
Anyway, although I now live in New York, I was born in one of the most beautiful countries in the world…Kenya, Africa.

My Spiritual Awakening:

After a long period of so much emotional turmoil, depression and being in a very dark place...I had a spiritual awakening that changed my life forever and in the best way ever!

Part of this awakening led me to crystals, energy healing and then so much more!
My work with crystals, gemstones ( my crystal babies) started right after my spiritual awakening in 2011. Before that I don't recall ever seeing a crystal or even if I did, I was too blind to see. 

As I brought the crystals into my space, I realized that I had a deep connection to the mineral kingdom and to their vibrations and consciousness. I began to understand "who" they were, "why" they are here and how they work on energetic levels and so much more. This realization sparked my interest in vibrational energy healing, alternative healing and spirituality even further.

These amazing crystals brought an explosion of light into my life and helped open up my awareness and consciousness in the most incredible ways. They keep thrusting me deeper into remembrance and in the process I have experienced the most amazing journey of self love and self healing. What a thrilling adventure it is!

The Love I feel today and the Joy I have is beyond this world! My life had been totally transformed and I know I am here to help others love themselves, heal themselves and transform their lives.

I am an Energy Healer, a Mega Crystal Lover,  Motivational and Intuitive coach, a Spiritual Seeker and a lover of Metaphysics.

My Journey is about Loving myself, Healing myself, Being Magical, Being Mystical, Being Spiritual, Being Authentic and Being Whole.

I am a crystal healer, a certified 13th Octave Lahochi practitioner, Reiki Master/teacher. I use practical, intuitive and various energy and spiritual healing modalities to help others clear mental, emotional, physical and all kinds of energetic blockages in their lives.

It is my greatest joy to motivate, inspire and empower all who cross my path to remember who they are, awaken, love themselves, heal themselves, do better for themselves and transform their lives.

The time for LOVE is now! 

You are never alone...ever! You are so Loved and Supported. I Love You!

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations

  • Co-active Coach Training - The Coaches Training Institute
  • New York City Midtown Coaching Center
  • International Coaches Federation
  • Toastmasters International
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Coaching Program - Franklin covey
  • What Matters Most Seminar - Franklin Covey
  • Project Management Seminar - Franklin Covey
  • Motivational Speaker - Lehman’s college New York
  • Bachelor of Law (LL.B), Nagpur University, India
  • Certified 13th Octave Lahochi Practioner
  • Reiki Master teacher
  • Intuitive and Motivational Coach 

Fun and hobbies:

I wholeheartedly believe that all work and no play makes Caroline a dull woman!

Life is serious but it is also fun. We can be serious but we must also have fun and enjoy our lives...otherwise a lot of things won't make sense...they just won't.

That is why as a coach and most importantly as a human being, I encourage all my clients to find and engage in fun activities and hobbies that make them come alive, stuff that they enjoy privately and publicly, activities that when they are engaged in others can see the excitement and the light in their eyes...

What are your fun activities and hobbies?

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