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Crystal Lovers!💎
Mother Nature is 💯the Most ORIGINAL Beauty Guru and Best Fashionista Hands Down!😍

I remember the first time I saw this specific SNOWFLAKE Obsidian...Ooouuuu!
My eyes kept growing bigger and bigger...just looking at it!😆
I was sooooo CAPTIVATED by its beauty and the pattern arrangement!

OMG! Who creates these beautiful things!😅

💠Crystal Lovers!

🔔May YOU ALL Experience Being Captivated by Nature's Beauty and by Beautiful Loving Experiences! 

🔸Believe it and Let Beauty in Every Form Come Through in Every Way!
🔸Allow Yourself to Be Pleasantly Surprised by the Beauty of Life! Yeah! Why Not?!

And So It Is!


ARISE! You Will LIVE Again!

Crystal Lovers!💎Looky Looky! 👀 Can You SEE What I "See" on this Jasper Beauty? Oooouuu! I LOVE these types of things! 😍
Crystals have soooo much information...visible and invisible!
When I first saw this Magnificent Crystal at a gem and mineral show in California...I remember my heart beating so fast and loud! BOOM...BOOM! 💓and my palms sweating! 😅

I was literally transfixed at the image I was seeing on the Crystal and the message that was coming through for me. I saw a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes!
The Phoenix had survived the FIERY FLAMES and it was RISING AGAIN! It had Overcome and it was LIVING AGAIN!

Crystal Lovers and Awakened Beings! The Fiery Passionate Life Giving Energy of this Crystal... which I now lovingly call "Phoenix"...has continued to reaffirm this message over and over to me!
Arise! Arise! Arise! It's Not Over...LIVE Again! LIVE AGAIN!

Sooooo...I know that:
🔹Some People are Experiencing "Life and Death" Situations...
🔹Some People may be in a Battle for their Lives/Livelihoods...or know someone who is experiencing this...
🔹Some May Be Wondering Whether They Will "Live Again" or What Will Become of Them "When the Dust Settles or After the Flame Has Turned to Ashes..."

Well...I want You To Know this...


Crystal Bracelets Consultation

Is the Crystal Bracelet YOU are Wearing a Healing Vortex or Nah?

There is a HUGE difference between these CRYSTAL Bracelets. Most of them are NOT WORKING effectively because they DO NOT have a Focused or Directed Energy for Specific Results. Can You Tell Which Ones?

YOU Only Need ONE Powerful Effective Crystal Bracelet that WORKS to Address Your Specific Needs! Let me Show You.

Your Crystal Bracelet Needs To Be a Healing, Protective, Transformation Energy Vortex. If it is is a waste of time.

  • The shape of the crystal, the proportion of the crystal, the number of crystals used for specific issues, the type of crystals, the materials used on the crystal, the design, the significance of the crystals, the vibration level of the crystals, the colors etc...MATTER!
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Crystal Elixirs Consultation


CRYSTAL ELIXIRS are Fantastic For Healing...especially for Physical Healing Matters! YOU ARE MISSING OUT if You Are Not ALREADY Using them!

Discover How to make Your Own Personalized Healing Crystal Elixirs that Work…So that YOU are Not Wasting Your Time making ELIXIRS that DON'T WORK!

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I Am Going To Show You:

  • The Only 3 Things You Need To Make a Powerful Elixir
  • How to Get out of Your Own Way and Easily Receive Healing Elixir Energy
  • How to Know without a DOUBT that your Elixir is Working
  • How to Make Crystal Elixirs that are Specific to Your Situation and Which Give You the Wisdom You Need
  • What Signs to Look For and What to Expect Within 7 Days of Making Your Crystal Elixir

  • The fee for my service is $75 for a 45 min call.

LOOK at What This Crystal REVEALS!

Crystal Lovers!💎Looky Looky! 👀 

Can You SEE What I "See" on the Top Left Corner of this Amethyst Beauty?

Oooouuu! I Really...Really LOVE these types of things! 😍

I always feel like I have found the HEART of the Crystal when the Crystal Beings REVEAL Themselves in these Cool Ways!

Anyhooo...What Do You Think About this Image?

Take Some Time to Look at Your Crystals Carefully...

Do You Have a Crystal With a Face or an Image in it?



Awakened Beings! 💜 Do YOU know ANYONE who has a health, financial, unemployment, legal situation or who is experiencing an UNwanted, physical, mental or emotional crisis?

Don't Wait A Second Longer!

Take a Moment Right LIFT them up in your Consciousness...into LOVELIER States of Being.

Use Your Mind's Eye to Imagine them in a NEW STATE of Consciousness...where they have ALREADY achieved what they want. FEEL how happy you are for them and TRUST that it is done. Period.

On a HIGHER Level...While we are "individuals" here in the physical realm—we are truly ONE or part of the ONE on a divine level.

Aaaand...that Person you are lifting up is YOU and that seed you are sowing on their behalf is an investment in yourself and it is a seed that you are ultimately going to manifest. It is a seed that will show up for you in some way as a wonderful harvest!

Awakened Beings! When we LIFT OTHERS UP from their unlovely states or into better situations—we are really doing it for ourselves. So—you really can’t lose or go wrong doing this.

Let's LIFT Others Up! It is a win-win all the way! ✨

I LIFT YOU ALL UP and I AM Imagining L💜VELY experiences For YOU ALL! 🥳

How To Use The HEXAGON SYMBOL In Your Daily Life!

The Hexagon Symbol or Shape is a Powerful, Life Changing Energy Key for Resolving Personal or Relationship Conflicts and I’m Going to Share How You Can Work With it in Daily Life.

By the way…what Symbol, Shape or Geometry are you drawn to?

The symbols or geometries we receive in our consciousness and resonate with in our lives are usually very personal…and how we use them or how they affect us is different for everyone.
However…I am extremely happy to share a few things the Hexagon symbol has taught me and how I apply it in my personal life.

I learned about the secret of Hexagons from a dream where I saw people who had autoimmune diseases wrapping themselves with multiple hexagon symbols as a strategy for healing the conflict that was causing the disease.

Autoimmune diseases are conditions where instead of the body supporting itself…the immune system fights against healthy cells or the other organs fight each other leading to disharmony and imbalance.

Hexagons taught me how to restore harmony in situations where there is unwanted conflict. We must work together like “hexagons” to fight “diseases” and life situations that cause us to be in conflict and out of harmony with ourselves!

So, if you are experiencing conflict within yourself about any issue in any area of your life…body/mind and you feel like parts of yourself are attacking each other like an autoimmune disease — for example in cases where you are not in integrity with yourself or with your truth, or where you are not honoring your heart's desires or if you are having trouble loving yourself and are judging or criticizing yourself…

Or...if you have constant unwanted relationship conflicts with those you love or those you work with…you can use the hexagon energy to restore balance, wholeness and unity in your life.

There is so much to learn from nature. Beehives are hexagonal and when multiple hexagons are placed in a regular pattern on a flat 2D dimensional plane…just like in this beehives image—you will notice that each individual hexagon is bordered by 6 other hexagons which are themselves bordered by other hexagons and so on indefinitely…in every direction with no empty space left over.

This teaches us that we are not alone…and that others (seen and unseen) stand with us and beside us — just like we too stand beside others and with others whether they know it or not.

Hexagons teach us that it is possible to work together, live together in harmony and unity without infringing on each other.

So…In What Situations Can You Use Hexagon Shapes?

  • Hexagons can be used in cases where cohesion and bonding is required. They can be used in situations where cohesion of cells, cohesion of mind and heart, cohesion of relationships or groups…or where working together in unity, togetherness, bonding, solidarity etc. is needed.

  • The hexagon energies can be used to work with healing autoimmune diseases where cells or organs are fighting each other.

  • You can also use them to repair or restore “autoimmune-like” relationships with loved ones or colleagues or in environments where unwanted conflicts are always arising!

  • Hexagon Energies can be used in situations where any kind of abundance or increase either by addition or multiplication is required and in so many other ways!

Fun Hexagon Insight for Abundance Creation:
The hexagon has 6 sides. 6 is the product of the first three natural numbers, 1, 2 and 3.
The number 6 is the first perfect number and you get 6 whether you add 1+2+3= 6 or multiply 1x2x3= 6

  • Hexagons can also be for benevolent changes in collective or world events. There is so much going on in the world where others are unaccepting of those who don’t look like them or are separated from their fellow human beings because they have believed the lie that others are not them and have forgotten that we are all ONE.

  • Hexagon energy can used to bring unity, healing, collaboration, wholeness and balance in areas where there is a consciousness of separation based on race, color, religion, country of origin, politics, gender, sexuality and so forth.

    Here is a Quick Powerful and Easy One Minute Exercise!

    How to Apply the Hexagon Energy in Your Life Right Now:

  • What area of your personal or collective life experience is experiencing unwanted conflicts or has broken down and requires unity and healing?
    Identify it.

  • Then in your mind’s eye…visualize the Hexagon Symbol or if you have a Hexagon Crystal Pendant…connect with its energy and absorb it through conscious intention into your energy field.

    (Just kind of see with your minds eye…healing hexagons filling your body or flowing into your body)

  • Next…by intention and the use of your imagination…consciously direct the hexagon energy that is now in your body into the problem area, the relationship, physical organ or situation.

  • Let the hexagons flow into the situation from either your third eye, your heart or the palms of your hands. Wrap and fill that situation with hexagons!

  • Feel the hexagon energies changing the situation for the better…and NOTICE how wonderful YOU NOW FEEL…knowing that it is now done. The matter has been resolved. The conflict has been resolved.

You now have unity, healing, wholeness, harmony and abundance of support flowing into that area of your life.

And finally…in imagination…wrap or cloth yourself in an invisible Hexagon blanket and carry on with your day.

That's it!

The invisible hexagon blanket is your reminder that your cells are working together in collaboration. Your relationship with yourself and with others is harmonious and balanced.

Your thoughts, emotions, true benevolent heart desires/decisions are NOW in alignment with all that you want and abundance of goodness is increasing in desirable ways. You are unified within. Believe it!

May You be Blessed as you blanket yourself, your experiences and the world with Hexagons!

And what better way to do it than with TIGER EYE Crystal’s protective, strengthening, grounding and actively energizing energy!

Green PREHNITE Crystal for Anxiety!

Are YOU Feeling Anxious?

When ANXIETY Kicks in...

This Beautiful Green PREHNITE Crystal knows EXACTLY what to do to STOP that crippling energy in its tracks!


What is the most common SHAPE in the room you spend the most time in?

It could be affecting YOU!

When I noticed how many SQUARE shaped things I had at home and at work... and how those "Square" energies were literally limiting and affecting my flow...
I decided to use more CIRCLE energies to change things up.

Waah! Squares can be so limiting! 😅 They keep us in a box & prevent expansion of opportunities - just like those Square Office Cubicles!

(No wonder people struggle with getting promotions, raises etc).

It's time to change things up for the better!

We gotta EXPAND into the goodness we want!

Anyhoooo...I made an Amethyst Crystal Circle Grid and I am Imagining Each One of You Receiving or Hearing Some GOOD NEWS TODAY! Woohoooo!

Love You All! 💚


I LOVE Crystal Geodes!

One of the MANY things I LOVE about them is that MOST of US are just like GEODES!
At one point…these Geodes had to be cracked wide open. Their original structure had to change and they had to take on a new role — a much more beautiful role that revealed the Light that they had hidden within.

There are certain thoughts, attitudes, patterns, beliefs which YOU may have once held before certain events occurred that caused a “crack” in your original structure and CHANGED your way of experiencing life.
It happens to MOST of us.

Geodes have experienced changes in their physical structures that have CRACKED them wide open! And so they teach us that it’s okay to allow transformation to occur when inevitable change happens.

They teach us that it is okay to break open. It is okay to let yourself be seen…and it doesn’t matter what being seen looks like.
It is okay to reveal your Light within. It is okay to allow the Light in. It is okay to be the NEW YOU!

LIFE is an ebb and flow! Shifts occur all the time. Some are painful…some are awesome! And when they do occur…please remember that there is still so much beauty, light and wisdom beyond the initial painful situations you have experienced.

The wide open crack in a Geode is a welcoming OPEN DOOR policy for those who need to enter within and seek the wisdom and safety of the inner worlds!

If you are experiencing a “geode like” situation or feel like something has “cracked” your usual existence… “Go WITHIN YOUR INNER GEODE” first!


Love YOU!

Discover Your Crystal / Higher Self Message for Healing and Transformation

Meditation plays a large role in helping you understand crystals. 
I once heard someone say that prayer is asking and meditation is listening! I absolutely loved that statement because it helped me learn to keep my mind chatter down and really tune in to listen to guidance from my higher self and from the crystal I was bonding and connecting with.

So…Meditation to me means going into my heart space and tapping into my Spirit. I do this by directing my attention inward to receive guidance from my Soul or from my Crystal friends or from higher (unseen) loving sources of wisdom.

This usually involves listening with my heart, receiving information with all my inner senses and paying attention to the messages that my Soul is bringing to my attention about things that are going on with me internally and therefore externally. It’s about listening inside first… and then observing the outside and making sure it reflects the inside.

Active Meditation Exercise:

So, I am now going to show you an easy way to know your crystals better… and also how to get or receive important healing and transformation messages from them.

It is such a fun experience! So, just get into meditation mode and get ready to notice the information coming into and through your consciousness as you engage with your crystal friends.
(You don’t have to lay down…just be comfortable and alert)

My assumption is that you already have a crystal you really want to hear from…but if you don’t have one…either pick a crystal intuitively or by design and hold it in your hand or place it on your heart area or on your third eye.
I usually prefer placing them around my heart and third eye because it makes it easier for me to focus and be still and centered. However, you can place them on any area of your body that you feel works for you because we all feel and experience things differently and are also guided differently.
Okay…let’s begin!

Take a deep breath and relax…
Notice the color of the crystal you have selected for this exercise…

To Read More...Purchase the book here...

(Delivered as a 12 page .pdf file, instant download after purchase.)

How to Bond, Connect With and Easily Understand Your Crystal Messages

If you've been a regular watcher of my Youtube videos, you will notice that I'm constantly talking about how I bond or connect with my crystals or how I know what the messages that the crystals are bringing forward.

So I thought that maybe I would write down my process to just give you a little insight about how I bond with my crystals.

And this is just my personal view about crystals. I mean, there are many books that have been written about crystals and there are probably many other people who have a different view about how to bond with your crystals.

This is because everyone has their own way of interacting with the spiritual tools that they have. I'm not trying to override anyone's view of how they should do things. I'm just sharing how I interact with my crystal babies and I trust that you’ll be inspired.

Here is a short EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK...

"I bond with my crystals intuitively and I listen to the signals that my body gives me and the feelings that I have.

It is so, so important to be able to listen to your body. Your body gives you signals. You have to learn to listen to your intuition. If I'm holding a crystal anywhere around my body or in my hands…I notice, I pay attention to how my body instinctively reacts to the placement of the stone on my body or to how my body reacts or how my mind thinks about how I'm feeling in that particular moment when the stone is in my presence.

Those first thoughts, those first thoughts mean a lot to me and they help me understand why the crystal is in my life.
I'm always talking about intuition. It's so important to listen to your higher self and the messages that you get. That's one of the ways that you get information from the world around you. And that information is usually more accurate than the things that you might do on the physical arena or in the physical sense.

So, I try my best to be very intuitively guided when I'm working with my crystals or around energy. I try to sense what I'm feeling, what's going on, what am I seeing in the spiritual realm or on an energetic level, so to speak.

Noticing how I am feeling is important communication. It is a discipline that one must have if you want to work with crystals and tune in and tap into different energies. You have to learn to be very conscious of how your body's feeling and how the energy is flowing around you at every given moment, otherwise you will miss the point. You will miss the cue and you don't want that to happen, right?

So that is the other way I bond and connect with my crystals and their messages. I listen to my intuition.

That's how you tap into stones. That's how you tap into energies.
When I have for example, a selenite in my hand..."


(Delivered as a 10 Page .pdf file. Instant Download after purchase)


Sacred Geometry SHAPES - COLORS Affect Energy!

What Shapes and Colors are You currently working with?

Geometry SHAPES - Symbols and COLORS Influence and Affect Your Energy!

You can use them to enhance your life, your home, your office, and your general well being.

What is the most common Shape in your house?

Circles or Spheres, Squares or  Cubes, Rectangles, Triangles or Pyramids, Spirals...or whatever?

Pay attention...they may be influencing you!

Distracted by TERRIBLE NEWS?

Conscious Manifesting Tip 34: Distracted by TERRIBLE NEWS?

Conscious Manifestor! Are YOU getting DISTRACTED by the NEWS about all the terrible things that are going on in the EXTERNAL world? Is the negative news about the economy, politics, health, relationships affecting you and therefore PARALYSING your desire to continue your manifestation process? 

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Conscious Manifesting Tip 33: If YOU want YOUR PROBLEM to END...DO THIS!

Conscious Manifestors! Some of us are facing situations that  we desperately need to SHIFT and MOVE out of! Everyone's situation is different. Some people are sick, some are broke, some are jobless, some are in legal conflicts, some are feeling matter what it is...ONE THING you can do RIGHT NOW to shift you out of your PROBLEM STATE is....

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Crystal Lovers:
If I had to recommend ONE crystal...(btw, there are 3 others on my must Crystal list) — MYSTIC MERLINITE or INDIGO GABBRO would be one of them.

This crystal is just perfect for many physical and spiritual reasons.

It is one of those RARE crystals which like some herbs...have what is called a MASTER BALANCING or CENTERING vibrational effect on the human body. 

 CLEARS the Emotions and Mind, with powerful and an almost instantaneous Stress Reduction experience.

This volcanic stone from Madagascar has a 3 COLOR combination and its energy is very centering and totally UPLIFTING!

The Color BLACK — (Strong Capacity to Absorb Toxic Vibrations)
The Color INDIGO — (Provides Deep Spiritual Activations and Limits Pain, Grief)
The Color VIOLET — (Connects You To Higher Spiritual Energies, Transmutes Unwanted Energy and is a Higher Level Clearing Energy)

If MYSTIC MERLINITE calls your name...You are in for an up-levelling! 

So Enjoy!




Crystal Lovers:

If I had to recommend ONE crystal...(btw, there are 3 others on my must Crystal list...MYSTIC MERLINITE or INDIGO GABBRO would be among them for the most FANTASTIC REASONS...





Awakened Beings:


NOW is the time to EXPAND the God in YOU.

This is Who YOU Truly Are.

This is Who WE Truly are. Period.


This is why WE are HERE. This is why YOU are Here.

Let there be LOVE. Let there be LIGHT.

As Within...So Without. As Above...So Below.



LIFT OTHERS UP as a Manifesting Strategy!

Conscious Manifesting Tip 31: LIFT OTHERS UP as a Manifesting Strategy!

Conscious Manifestors! What YOU do for OTHERS...YOU do for YOU as Well! LIFTING others UP as a Manifesting Strategy is ONE of my ABSOLUTE Favorite ways of Manifesting. Make it YOURS as WELL! Tune in and FIND OUT how to EASILY do This!

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STOP Stressing OUT! Do THIS!

Conscious Manifesting Tip 30: STOP Stressing OUT about YOUR Manifestation! Do THIS!

Conscious Manifestors! Are YOU wondering if you are MANIFESTING CORRECTLY? If you are STRESSING out about what YOU want to manifest and wondering whether you are UPROOTING the SEEDS you want to Manifest - Health, Wealth, Love, Career, Business etc. FIND OUT what to DO and ensure that YOUR MANIFESTATION SEED remains STABLE in your CONSCIOUSNESS...until it shows up in YOUR ETERNAL REALITY.

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Awakened Beings!

Do not look OUTSIDE of YOURSELF...


YOU are IT!




Conscious Manifestors!

Today I want to share with you a super useful tip you can use to LIFT OTHERS UP from their unlovely states as part of your loving service to others—which is ultimately service to yourself.

As awakened beings, I am sure we all know this and in case you do not…consider yourself notified. We all know that while we are individuals here in the physical realm…we are truly ONE or part of the ONE on a higher divine level.

That is why…whenever we do something for others…or whenever we use our creative abilities to lift others up into better situations—we are really doing it for ourselves.

That person you are lifting up is YOU and that seed you are sowing on their behalf is an investment in yourself and it is a seed that you are ultimately going to manifest. It is a seed that will also show up for you in some way as a wonderful harvest! So—you really can’t lose or go wrong doing this. It is a win-win all the way!

Anyway—sometime last year...I started playing around big time with using my IMAGINATION to consciously LIFT specific people UP into LOVELIER STATES.

I started with some family members, some friends and some random people who had come into MY DIRECT AWARENESS through the news or through Facebook and who were experiencing some unlovely life situations. By the way, I am one who whole-heartedly believes that there is NO ACCIDENT in my World. So, when certain situations catch my attention…I notice and do what I feel compelled to do.

What I have discovered through conscious creation for others which thrills me so much…is the constant realization of just how WE truly are POWERFUL CREATORS and how powerful our imagination is! It never gets old…it never does!!!

I have TESTED and PROVEN this approach of lifting others up…through my own conscious PRACTICE and I am excited to SHARE it with you—so that you too can test it for yourself and use it to LIFT OTHERS UP, if it is something that you want to do!

Anyway…This is what I have been doing:

Anytime I hear or become aware of someone in a situation…it could be a health, financial, unemployment, legal, physical, mental or emotional crisis—it doesn't could be anything!

Whenever I really know that someone wants something lovely in their lives and I know that they are currently experiencing some scary stuff in this physical world that is contrary to what they ultimately want...

I LIFT them UP by bringing them in IMAGINATION into my MINDS EYE/INNER EYE—and once I have them there—in my IMAGINATION—I see them as the person that I know they want to be, or I see them as already having what I know they really want to have or would love to have. 

So for example: If they are currently sick…I see them as well and happy in my imagination…if they are currently jobless…I see them as gainfully employed and having a steady reliable sufficient income that they are happy with…and so forth.

It is true that sometimes it is not easy to NAIL in imagination the desired state we want for others...especially when looking at the glaring, outer physical realities involved in some situations...

It can be scary and intimidating to imagine something different for them…but I have trained myself to ignore the outer realities. I have trained myself to shut them out and to focus on the possibilities of the INNER Creative Higher Power WITHIN and I have found that it doesn't disappoint! while all this lifting up is going on in my consciousness…I also start paying attention to how I am perceiving that person in the PHYSICAL WORLD.

There has to be a congruency and an ALIGNMENT of Intention—with what I am creating within me or in my imagination and how I am perceiving and continuing to experience that person I am lifting up in the physical world. There has to be a match.

For example—I can't be lifting someone up in my imagination and imagining them as being healthy and then continue seeing them as being sick or unwell in the physical world. I have to be congruent within and without.

So…what I do is—in the physical realm...I ALSO START perceiving the person I am lifting up as I have already perceived them in my mind’s eye and I see them as being in the lovely STATE that I am sure they want to be in or would love to be in.

After I am done lifting them up...I REMAIN CONFIDENT in my Imaginal Act—knowing it is already as I have imagined. I implicitly TRUST what I have done and move on with life knowing that it is already a done deal. Period.

So..the EXCITING thing I have NOTICED:

Is that as the days, weeks and months have gone by...there have been several instances where I have received direct confirmation through personal interaction with these Beautiful Souls that I have been privately lifting up that have confirmed to me that what I did PRIVATELY in IMAGINATION WORKED for them!!! It WORKED!!!

In some cases, I have read or heard FABULOUS NEWS or I have seen a post where it was mentioned that something LOVELY and WONDERFUL had occurred in the lives of these individuals.

There have also been times where I just observed or noticed that these individuals were now experiencing an optimistic change of attitude and were now happier...or that a much desired change of circumstance/environment had occurred in their lives and that they were now in a much lovelier state or that they now had what they really wanted!

Conscious Manifestors! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL TO OBSERVE and Ooouuuuu! It is a really wonderful thing when what you have perceived in imagination is confirmed in others PHYSICAL REALITY—That inner knowing that YOU KNOW the Secret of How to Work Magic and Miracles is just powerful! What Joy!!!

Anyway…I just Love it and it is something we can all do. So TRY IT!

Oh! By the way, before I forget—please keep this in mind as you lovingly lift others up...

One thing I always make sure to do while lifting others up…is to make sure that I don’t say a word to them or tell them what I am doing. There is really no need for that because lifting others up is private loving work! And even after I notice that their lives have changed, I take no credit for it. I just privately jump up and down with joy knowing that the Power within us works all the time.

So...again…Conscious Manifestors! KEEP LIFTING OTHERS UP!


So there really is no LOSS for us but much GAIN.

What is going on is that—We have temporarily forgotten that we are ONE...but as Awakened Beings…WE are all NOW remembering this ONENESS that We ARE.


Conscious Manifesting Tip 29: How to ELIMINATE YOUR FALSE GODS!

Conscious Manifestor! Do YOU have a FALSE GOD? As a CREATOR, You can't depend or rely on a FALSE GOD especially if you want to successfully and speedily MANIFEST Anything! You must ELIMINATE FALSE GODS. This EFFECTIVE Manifesting Strategy that I am sharing in this podcast will help you SOLVE that SNEAKY SABOTAGING ''false god'' problem and get you on the path of Conscious Manifesting like a BOSS! Listen and Find Out!

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ALL of a sudden...ONE NIGHT in 2010, my body started shaking and vibrating—like an inner earthquake.

There was a loud buzzing sound moving steadily through my entire being—toward the top of my head. It was like an inner trumpet calling me to attention.

My inner world radiated and became animated—all my senses were heightened. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me at the time but I instinctively knew not to interrupt I surrendered to it.

This was definitely the most intense, bewildering, confusing, sweetest, profound feeling I had ever had...but yet in the weirdest way—it felt NATURAL to me and I felt ready for it even while not knowing what it was! It was exciting!

Anyway...AFTER the SHAKING and the BUZZING was over...just like that!

And I was back in this physical reality...laying on my bed and looking around in the dark—wondering what had happened to me...what had I experienced?

I soon came to realize that I had PUSHED THROUGH THE VEIL...

I had WOKEN UP from a deep sleep of unconsciousness!
I had heard the Inner CALL that WE WILL ALL eventually HEAR when our time comes...and I had responded with a YES!

I was now AWAKE!

Life would NEVER be the SAME. I would NEVER be the same again. I was AWAKE!

WE ARE ALL HERE for one thing and one thing only...TO WAKE UP to who we TRULY ARE!

We are here to RISE UP in consciousness and from unconscious slumber.
We are here to REMEMBER the TRUTH about the POWERFUL BEINGS that WE ARE!

ARISE and SPIRAL out Higher and Higher in Consciousness!

Awakened Beings...that is how it started out for me. (Kundalini Rising-ish Style)
How about you?

Have you had an experience of this nature?

Do YOU have a FALSE GOD?

Conscious Manifesting Tip 28: Do YOU have a FALSE GOD?

Conscious Manifestor! Do YOU have a FALSE GOD? If you do...PAY ATTENTION to this SNEAKY  MANIFESTING SABOTAGE...because it will cause YOUR Conscious Manifestation Process of Health, Wealth, Love or Whatever to NOT see the LIGHT of DAY! What is a FALSE GOD anyway and WHY is it important to notice if you have it and how it is showing up in YOUR MANIFESTING process? Listen and Find Out!

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Conscious Manifesting Tip 27: What Are YOU IMAGINING Right Now? NOTICE!

Conscious Manifestors! What You Are Imagining Right Now is Creating SOMETHING that will show up in YOUR Reality! IMAGINATION creates reality. Imagination is Power and whatever is showing up in your current EXTERNAL reality or in your LIFE right now is a RESULT of YOUR CONSCIOUS or UNCONSCIOUS Imaginings! So...what are you imagining RIGHT NOW? Listen in and find out why this Conscious Manifesting Tip is REALLY Important and How To Ensure That You Manifest Only What You Truly Desire!

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Are YOU CANCELLING Your Manifestation by DOING THIS?

Conscious Manifesting Tip 26: Are YOU CANCELLING Your Manifestation by DOING THIS?

Conscious Manifestors, no matter what you want to MANIFEST in your reality, HEALTH, MONEY, JOB, PROMOTION, SUCCESS, LOVE...or whatever...the first thing you MUST STOP DOING is THIS....

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Awakened Beings! From the beginning of My Spiritual Awakening journey...I always found it easy to TRUST my INNER EYE. I may have not understood some of the things I saw but I never hesitated or doubted what I saw within.

I trusted the revelations of my INNER EYE and the revelations were eye, heart, mind and life opening—and they led to rapid, expansive growth, transformation and FREEDOM for ME.

I learned to TRUST my Inner Wisdom so much that I never for one moment sought anyones approval or permission to share my joy, my revelations or my personal spiritual experiences with others. I JUST BURST FORTH!

I personally never felt the need to "FEEL READY"...or get qualified or certified in what I had seen with my Inner EYE and which SPIRIT had taught or revealed to me personally...I simply went with my INNER FLOW.

I never waited for perfect timing or delayed what I wanted to do or knew I needed to do because of this or that reason—and when I did...I made sure to set things in motion somehow—and I did.

Anyhooo...I was BUBBLING INSIDE with so much DELIGHT and I had that INNER KNOWING that most Awakened Beings recognize...
I had that KNOWING—that I WAS READY NOW!
I WAS AWAKE! Woohooooo!

And YOU too are AWAKE! WE are AWAKE and WE are READY NOW!

So, Awakened matter what your CURRENT EXTERNAL REALITY seems to matter what your personal circumstance matter how slippery it all matter how vague it looks...YOU ARE READY NOW!