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Crystal Clusters & How To Use Them

Do you have a Crystal a Quartz Cluster, Amethyst Cluster or any crystal with distinct points?

My Crystal Cluster which I lovingly call "Old Rusty" is a very trusted friend of mine. We've been together for a long time and it has taken me through a lot of processes.
One of the things that Old Rusty has taught me is that we are never stuck and that the Universe offers us options to move forward and make progress because there are so many ways of doing things.

One easy but important thing you can learn from Crystal Clusters is that each cluster point really shows us that there are different ways of doing things.
So if you feel stuck in any area of your life and you have a crystal cluster...Think about the particular thing that's making you feel stuck... look at the cluster points on your crystal and count them. How many are they? Those are the number of ways that are open to you as possibilities of getting unstuck.

Simple Exercise:
Think about at least 5 ways of sorting out what's going on or 5 things you can do today to get unstuck!
We just gotta do what we gotta do to get our lives moving because we truly have no excuse and most importantly because we can!
Remember that We are always so loved and supported by the universe! So perhaps...this is one way in which you can work with your crystal cluster or  learn from or embrace the messages of your crystal cluster. 

Remember...there is never any accident why we get the crystals that we have and they are always there to assist us!

The crystal cluster points remind you that there are many options available. There are many doors that can open for you. There are many alternatives and opportunities…and you are not stuck. Only look and you will see! What do you see?

Each cluster point shows you that there are many ways that you can love. There's just not one way. You can love this way. You can love that way. You can love this way and you can love that way! There are just so many ways to love!
How are you showing love today?

They Cluster points show you that there are many ways that you can send light to yourself and to the world. There are so many ways that you can do the things you want to do!
And yes of course… there are also so many other ways that you can listen to messages from the crystal and from the universe!

Do you have Crystal Cluster? I would love to hear your experiences with it.

Cheers to You and To All Crystal Clusters All Over The Multiverses!

Much Love,

Caroline Jalango

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The first time I ever saw a shimmering Labradorite crystal…I was left breathless! I had never seen a crystal so beautiful, so magical looking and so mystical. I remember thinking to myself; “this can’t be real…this can’t be a real stone!”

I am so glad I found Labradorite because it came into my life at a time when I was struggling with being my authentic self. Massive, scary but necessary changes were occurring in my life. I had experienced a spiritual awakening that had completely altered my idea of reality and truth. I was caught up in personal growth situations that demanded I take off my false mask and embrace my authentic self so that I could move forward in truth. I was confused about how to show up in the world because even though I desired to step forth in my truth…I didn't know how to transition from the “old me” who was used to wearing a false mask into my authentic self. 

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This beautiful brass looking, almost golden looking stone glistened beautifully and was so attractive! Just having it around me made me feel rich! Since it looked like Gold to me, I thought that it was the best stone to use as a symbol for manifestation of cold hard cash!

My impression about Pyrite changed a couple of weeks ago when Pyrite decided to speak up and let me know what it was really about! One morning, I was drawn to meditate with Pyrite. As I held it in my hands…I felt the word self-acceptance come up strongly. I looked at the crystal with my inner eyes and the word self-acceptance was repeated again.  Since crystals talk, I decided to pay close attention and when I did…I heard the Pyrite say; “Caroline, please look at me closely”. It sounded like it was almost begging…so I tuned in fully. Then I heard it ask me; “What about me?” “What about me?”

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To the outside world, I appeared to be a well-balanced and contained person but inside, the raging waves of anger were roaring. I felt that so many things were going out of control and because I could not control those things, the fear I felt manifested as anger.

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