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Labradorite Crystal Talks

LabradoriteI AM LABRADORITE: I am here to shine the spotlight on you, help you remove the false mask so that you can live your authentic truth!

The first time I ever saw a shimmering Labradorite crystal…I was left breathless! I had never seen a crystal so beautiful, so magical looking and so mystical. I remember thinking to myself; “this can’t be real…this can’t be a real stone!”

I am so glad I found Labradorite because it came into my life at a time when I was struggling with being my authentic self. Massive, scary but necessary changes were occurring in my life. I had experienced a spiritual awakening that had completely altered my idea of reality and truth. I was caught up in personal growth situations that demanded I take off my false mask and embrace my authentic self so that I could move forward in truth. I was confused about how to show up in the world because even though I desired to step forth in my truth…I didn't know how to transition from the “old me” who was used to wearing a false mask into my authentic self. 

 My beliefs had changed radically and I was concerned about how I would be perceived by those who were close to me. I was concerned that I would lose my clients and my business because living in my truth meant that I had to change the nature of my work or start afresh. The pressure was on! I knew that if I was to live my truth, changes were required and I had to step up whether I was ready or not. 

Now that the direction of my life was changing, I kept wondering… “How do I transition into living my truth? How do I present myself in a way that my light, truth and authenticity can be seen and appreciated by others?

How do I remove the false mask, stop hiding myself and start shining as the Light Being that I knew I was?

That is when Labradorite stepped in to help me answer the above questions.

Labradorite flashes different colors depending on how the light hits it. So when I started working with it, I began to see how each angle of my life had a different shimmer, brilliance, color, luminescence and energy. As it continued to shine its brilliant light on me, I began to learn how to turn my face toward the light, work my angles, position myself and boldly showcase my new found truth. I also learned how to take off my false mask, appreciate the gift of who I truly was and got the courage to bring it forward to the world. 

Labradorite is a stone that is in my life to help me shine as an authentic being. It illuminates the sides of me that matter and that need to stand out. It shines the light on the hidden parts of my life that need work so I can process them and then shine brightly. It eliminates invisibility so that I can see myself in truth, and allows others to see the light in me and who I truly am.

Thank You Labradorite! You reminded me that I am a beautiful light that can no longer remain hidden and that it’s okay to be in the spotlight living my authentic truth. You have given me courage to step into my new life path and to radiate love in all its power.

Do you have a Labradorite? I would love to hear your experiences with it.

Much Love,

Caroline Jalango

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