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Pyrite (Fool's Gold) Talks!

Pyrite Fools GoldI AM PYRITE: I am here to teach you to accept yourself because you are not a substitute. You are valuable and unique in your own right.

I must confess that when Pyrite a.k.a fool’s Gold first came into my life…my intention was to use it for abundance and wealth creation purposes. The idea of using Pyrite for my abundance crystal grids and for my wealth creation jars resonated with me and had come to me from books I had read.

This beautiful brass looking, almost golden looking stone glistened beautifully and was so attractive! Just having it around me made me feel rich! Since it looked like Gold to me, I thought that it was the best stone to use as a symbol for manifestation of cold hard cash!

My impression about Pyrite changed a couple of weeks ago when Pyrite decided to speak up and let me know what it was really about! One morning, I was drawn to meditate with Pyrite. As I held it in my hands…I felt the word self-acceptance come up strongly. I looked at the crystal with my inner eyes and the word self-acceptance was repeated again.  Since crystals talk, I decided to pay close attention and when I did…I heard the Pyrite say; “Caroline, please look at me closely”. It sounded like it was almost begging…so I tuned in fully. Then I heard it ask me; “What about me?” “What about me?”

I was taken aback by the question! So, I decided to let the flow of information about the stone continue. Pyrite began to remind me that it had acquired the name “Fool’s Gold,” because ancient miners who were prospecting for Gold always mistook it for Gold. Pyrite showed me that because it looked like Gold, it was always used as a substitute for the more valuable item (Gold) and that it was always used as a representation/symbol for something else. It showed me that because of this, most people had forgotten that it also mattered and that it also had a real role to play and a personality of its own.

It showed me that this same thing also occurs in my life and in the lives of many others. The tendency to compare ourselves with others and try to be like others makes us forget about who we truly are.

We substitute our real truth by giving up our real work, our real desires, our real hopes and dreams to others while the real "us" remains ignored and forgotten. 

Pyrite was teaching me to accept myself, warts and all and to not allow myself, my energy, my truth, my power to be substituted for things that didn’t matter because my “real” life mattered. 

I mattered! I was valuable! 

Its message was: “I may not be Gold but I am Pyrite and both Gold and Pyrite matter and have important roles to play.”

Pyrite taught me that no one is better than the other and that we are all here to bring our different personalities and unique qualities to the world so that the beautiful puzzle of the work we are all here to do together can be accomplished.

When we accept ourselves, we are at peace. When we are not comparing ourselves to others and acting as substitutes…we are powerful, confident, joyful, full of vitality and can fully radiate the light and love we carry within, out to the world.

Thank you Pyrite! You are the emotionally grounding, third chakra/solar plexus stone that has taught me how to accept myself and stand in my power. You have taught me that I am not a substitute and that my life and work is valuable. You have taught me that I matter! 

I Love You!

With all this precious information…I now know that Pyrite can help me create abundance and wealth from a whole new perspective!

Do you have a Pyrite? I would love to hear your experiences with it.

Much Love,

Caroline Jalango

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