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Black Tourmaline Talks!

Black TourmalineI am Black Tourmaline: I am here to help you manage anger, dissolve fear, get calm, grounded and be protected.

Black Tourmaline came into my life at a time when I was very angry. I was angry with myself, with others and with almost everything! My fuse was very short and it appeared that any little thing would be a trigger that set me off.

Even though I considered myself a spiritual person and employed various spiritual practices which helped a lot…I still struggled to manage my angry feelings. Just when I thought I had forgiven myself, others and what not…something would happen and BOOM! The angry feelings would surface again with great urgency. It was as though they had never really left. I felt like a ticking time bomb.

To the outside world, I appeared to be a well-balanced and contained person but inside, the raging waves of anger were roaring. I felt that so many things were going out of control and because I could not control those things, the fear I felt manifested as anger.

 At that time, I also tended to blame everyone and everything else for triggering me and causing me to feel the way I did. I never took personal responsibility for my own role in attracting the events that led to my experiences. It was always me looking outside myself and not dealing with the issues within myself.

So, one day, I happened to listen to some guy who was talking about Black Tourmaline and how it could be used to ward off energetic or psychic attacks from others. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get this crystal because I believed that others were responsible for the state of my life.

In my mind, this black powerful stone would be the stone that indirectly “dealt” with those who were stressing me out.

The day I got my first Black Tourmaline, I immediately realized that this stone was not going to be about “dealing” with others but that it was going to be about “dealing” with myself. It was going to teach me to look at myself, look within and get a grip!

I quickly discovered that when I was angry, Black Tourmaline instantly sobered me up and grounded me. I always found myself asking questions like, “Caroline, what is really going on with you?” “Why are you really so angry?” I also noticed that while using the stone, I calmed down so fast and always had time to think before I acted. I also learnt to look within and not blame others. I felt very protected.

I have to say that I am now past the anger situations and can handle my emotions well. In the beginning, my preferred way of dealing with my anger was to swallow my feelings, smile and pretend that I wasn't offended. I also used other passive aggressive approaches to express my anger. Since these methods didn't work, I seethed and boiled inside. 

Since black tourmaline came into my life, I learned how to quickly sober up emotionally…at least enough to deal with the situation in a healing and rational manner.

Thank you, Black Tourmaline!
You taught me that it wasn't about them but it was all about me. You taught me to deal with the real issues that caused the anger and let them go. You protected me, solidly grounded me and let me lean on your shoulders as I learned to release the anger and fear and ultimately learned to love myself.

You are a true rock and I love you!

Do you have Black Tourmaline? I would love to hear your experiences with it.

Much Love,

Caroline Jalango

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