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Malachite Crystal Talks

Malachite CrystalI am Malachite: The healing stone of truth!  I shine the light, reveal hidden, painful, hurtful emotions so you can love yourself.

Malachite was the first crystal I ever officially owned. At the time Malachite came into my life, I was so unaware of crystals and their healing and loving properties that I couldn't have cared less.

When Malachite came into my life, I was experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil. I was sad, my spirit was heavy and my heart felt like it was irreparably broken. I felt like I was carrying a huge burden on my shoulders and that I was tethered down with a heavy chain around my neck. I really didn't know what to do to ease the pain I was feeling other than engage with life in a zombie like state. Little did I know that Malachite would soon unleash its full healing power in my life, highlight the issues that were going on in my life and “force” me to deal with all my hidden crap!

My dad had given me Malachite necklaces as gifts. The vibrant green Malachite necklaces were absolutely stunning and the green to black bands were so captivating. However, I could not wear the necklaces because every time I did, I felt as though the weight I was feeling around my neck and shoulders was increasing. For some reason, it always felt as though my neck would snap under their weight!  It was such a weird experience and because I had no idea what was going on…I stopped wearing them. I felt that the price of wearing these gorgeous necklaces was too high to pay!

Anyway, what I didn't realize at that time is that I had already begun to experience the vibrational healing power of Malachite.

One day I happened to see an article online in which someone was describing how they never wore certain crystals as necklaces because the energy of those crystals made them feel like their necks would break. They mentioned that Malachite absorbed toxic energy from our energetic fields and if that energy was not released, it would lead to a feeling of heaviness. This caught my attention because it reminded me of my Malachite experience.

I was still new to crystals but since I was in a very bad place in my life, all I wanted was for something to change. I was not exactly sure what…but whatever it was, it needed to change quickly.  So, I figured that if it was being said that Malachite could absorb toxic energy from one’s energy field, then I was going to wear my necklaces everyday even if it meant that my neck would break!

After I started wearing Malachite, I noticed that my feelings of heaviness were getting lighter and lighter. I also realized that I was starting to feel much better…even happier.

Something was changing! Something was happening to me. Malachite was working its magic!!!

I was so excited! I decided to start paying attention to how I was feeling and what was happening to me when I was wearing Malachite. I started realizing that a lot of painful issues which I had stuffed in and not wanted to deal with would often come to my mind. I also started having dreams of past issues that were still unresolved. I intuitively knew that these issues were being brought to my remembrance so that I could resolve them, flush them out of my system and heal myself.

I started dealing with the issues in my life and one day, I noticed that the necklaces on my neck no longer bothered me. Yay!

The Malachite energy resonates with the Green heart chakra color. All the hidden, painful issues and emotions that were hidden in my heart had to be expelled in order for my broken heart to start healing again.

Malachite was the stone which shone the spotlight on these issues, “forced” me to deal with the hidden stuff, clear them out of my life and thereby transform my life.

Malachite is a very loving, heart healing, stone of truth and action. It is also a stone of persistent tough love. Once Malachite came into my life…transformation and change for the better was imminent and my life was never the same.

Thank You Malachite…You have been my solid and true friend. Showing me the truth and asking me to choose life. I am transformed and I am truly a child of yours in every way. I love you!

Do you have Malachite? I would love to hear your experiences with it.

Much Love,

Caroline Jalango

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