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Rhodonite Crystal Talks

Rhodonite CrystalI am Rhodonite:  I bring emotional balance, stress and anxiety relief, stabilization and grounding!

I sometimes feel that Rhodonite is way underestimated! It shouldn't be because once this crystal comes into your life…emotional balance will come.

Rhodonite was one of the earlier crystals that came into my life when I just started on my spiritual journey. This journey was one which was really about learning to love myself and heal myself.

I was never a person who resonated with the color pink. To me pink was just a lovely color and I believed that it was a color for people who were emotional and sensitive or into a sappy type of romantic love. This was something I wasn't interested in because I felt that I was a hardened type of girl who did not need love to survive. My heart was closed to love and according to me there were much more important issues to focus my time and energy on.

To me, love was a fruitless and fake endeavor and an escape for those who didn't want to face reality.

 Anyway, the justification for my hardened position was a result of so many accumulated experiences. I was not in any kind of personal relationship that counted. I was so stressed about feeling “stuck” at work. I was dealing with so many emotions around issues that my loved ones were facing. I was disillusioned by the religious beliefs that I had held all my life. I was beginning to spiritually awaken and didn't know what was happening to me. I was feeling scattered and confused. I had erratic mood swings, heart palpitations, anxiety, feeling of helplessness and powerlessness and lots of emotional turmoil. I was on the edge and I felt like my life was in shambles, that I had no one to turn to and nowhere to run. 

I needed to get a grip on life real quick and that’s when Rhodonite revealed itself to me. It was a gentle, loving, stable, soothing healing pink and black stone. Pink is the color of the higher heart chakra and black is the color of the root chakra.

Rhodonite seemed to be an in the “background” kind of stone that was normally overlooked without consideration of the immense healing power it held within it. I connected with its energy instantly and I remember shedding some tears when I intuitively understood how it would help me change my life.

Anyway, when I saw that crystal, I immediately knew that the heart color pink which I had avoided for so long was going to become a very good friend. I also knew that the black color on the crystal was going to help stabilize and ground my emotions. The combination of the pink and black Rhodonite color was going to help me learn to love myself, heal myself and achieve emotional balance.

This particular Rhodonite crystal was extra special because it had a cluster of clear quartz growing on it which further amplified the Rhodonite healing energy.

Rhodonite played a big role in helping me understand the importance of emotional balance in self-healing and self-love.

Thank you Rhodonite! You took me through my roughest patch and there will never be another you! 

I am sure you are proud of who I have now become. I love you!

Do you have a Rhodonite? I would love to hear your experiences with it.

Much Love,

Caroline Jalango

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