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Crystal Bracelets Consultation

Is the Crystal Bracelet YOU are Wearing a Healing Vortex or Nah?

There is a HUGE difference between these CRYSTAL Bracelets. Most of them are NOT WORKING effectively because they DO NOT have a Focused or Directed Energy for Specific Results. Can You Tell Which Ones?

YOU Only Need ONE Powerful Effective Crystal Bracelet that WORKS to Address Your Specific Needs! Let me Show You.

Your Crystal Bracelet Needs To Be a Healing, Protective, Transformation Energy Vortex. If it is is a waste of time.

  • The shape of the crystal, the proportion of the crystal, the number of crystals used for specific issues, the type of crystals, the materials used on the crystal, the design, the significance of the crystals, the vibration level of the crystals, the colors etc...MATTER!
    Book Your Consultation TODAY! $100 for a 45 min call.

Crystal Consultation 2020 Special Offer

Get RESULTS! Make Sure Your Crystals are Working For YOU.  


From Feb 12 until Feb 29th...You can have 30 minutes of my time for a small fee of $50 — to get Answers that will make a difference in your life QUICKLY.

We will Exploring ONE Specific Crystal Issue of Your Choice.
First Come First Served Basis.
Additional Details Will Be Sent Once Payment Has Been Received.

$50 for 30 minutes session.

Book Your Consultation TODAY!
Let Me Show You How To Use Your Crystals for Your Specific Issue in a way that will Generate REAL Change!

Crystal Elixirs Consultation


CRYSTAL ELIXIRS are Fantastic For Healing...especially for Physical Healing Matters! YOU ARE MISSING OUT if You Are Not ALREADY Using them!

Discover How to make Your Own Personalized Healing Crystal Elixirs that Work…So that YOU are Not Wasting Your Time making ELIXIRS that DON'T WORK!

Book YOUR Consultation TODAY!

I Am Going To Show You:

  • The Only 3 Things You Need To Make a Powerful Elixir
  • How to Get out of Your Own Way and Easily Receive Healing Elixir Energy
  • How to Know without a DOUBT that your Elixir is Working
  • How to Make Crystal Elixirs that are Specific to Your Situation and Which Give You the Wisdom You Need
  • What Signs to Look For and What to Expect Within 7 Days of Making Your Crystal Elixir

  • The fee for my service is $75 for a 45 min call.

Malachite Heart Healing Pendants

Beautiful Pieces of Green Malachite Heart Healing Pendants for Clearing Dense, Toxic Emotional Energies So That You Can Feel Good and Enjoy Your Life Again!

These powerful healing stones are specially selected and are based on the sacred geometry of the Heart and Circle and are also infused with the Healing Energies of 13th Octave Lahochi - a High Frequency Energy Healing modality which moves Light into your body at the speed of Love.

Malachite Healing Pendants Now Available...Click on the Image Below To Find Your Malachite Heart Healing Piece!