Crystal Bracelets Consultation

Is the Crystal Bracelet YOU are Wearing a Healing Vortex or Nah?

There is a HUGE difference between these CRYSTAL Bracelets. Most of them are NOT WORKING effectively because they DO NOT have a Focused or Directed Energy for Specific Results. Can You Tell Which Ones?

YOU Only Need ONE Powerful Effective Crystal Bracelet that WORKS to Address Your Specific Needs! Let me Show You.

Your Crystal Bracelet Needs To Be a Healing, Protective, Transformation Energy Vortex. If it is is a waste of time.

  • The shape of the crystal, the proportion of the crystal, the number of crystals used for specific issues, the type of crystals, the materials used on the crystal, the design, the significance of the crystals, the vibration level of the crystals, the colors etc...MATTER!
    Book Your Consultation TODAY! $100 for a 45 min call.