Is the Crystal Bracelet YOU are Wearing an Energy Vortex or Nah?

There is a HUGE difference between some of these CRYSTAL Bracelets. Most of them are NOT WORKING effectively because they Do Not have a Focused or Directed Energy for Specific Results. Can You Tell Which Ones?
Is the Crystal Bracelet YOU are Wearing a Healing Energy Vortex or Nah?

Is it really Working or Not Working to address your specific issue and…

How can You Make It a Powerful HEALING VORTEX that is SPECIFIC for YOU and YOUR Situation.

~ Instead of learning unending heaps of stuff about how to use your crystals or sitting there confused - not sure where to begin… or remaining stuck in "what to do first or what to do next or now"...

~ or instead of wearing your crystals blindly day by day, month by month, year by year...with no discernable physical, emotional, mental, results and continuing to feel the same unwanted way you have been feeling for the last who knows when…and…

~ Instead of playing games of hits and misses...wondering if your crystals are really working...

Book a simple ONE ON ONE with me TODAY for 45 minutes - $100 

You can have 45 minutes of my time for a small fee of $100 — to explore you and get some REAL STUFF GOING ON that will make a difference in your life QUICKLY.

Here is what my frustration has been and what I have noticed in so many crystal lovers that I come across and work with every single day.

The continued randomness in how we use or wear our crystals…and the almost blind trust we have in how specific crystals are working for us...even in situations where no results are being experienced.

I used to be like that as well and while my intuition is my main guide in matters like it should be yours...I have through many trainings—in both the visible and invisible realm…been shown that there is a method to the "madness" of working with crystals effectively.

When using crystals...there is a formula or an architecture for creation of what we want which is based on:

  • The shape of the crystal, the proportion of the crystal, the number of crystals we use for specific things, the type of crystals, the materials we use on the crystal, the design of the crystals we use, the social value or significance of the crystals, the vibration level of the crystals, the colors etc...

    The energy of these qualities and quantities when used correctly create a harmonious, spiritual, sacred, healing creation and transformation ENERGY VORTEX.

    As Crystal Lovers…This is WHAT WE WANT—A Purposefully Created Energy VORTEX that WORKS for Us.

And…because MOST of us wear Crystal Bracelets...this is what the focus of this ONE on ONE Call will be.

Is the Crystal Bracelet YOU are Wearing a Healing Energy Vortex or Nah?
Is it Working or Not Working to address your specific issue and…
What to Do to Make It a Powerful ENERGY VORTEX that is SPECIFIC for YOU and YOUR Situation.


Here’s how it will happen…

We will have a connect call - Skype - Facebook - Zoom - however we link up doesn’t matter….

Whatever is easiest for you…

It will be a 45 minute call designed for one thing….

Actually two things…

First, I will pick your brain while you pick mine….

I will want to know what your DESIRE / HUNGER is in terms of working with Crystal Bracelets for - healing (physical, emotional, mental) - manifesting - prosperity etc….

(And I want us to explore / expand on that in a VERY functional way.)

(So be as prepared as you can be, if we do a call.)

And…I also want to help you get a MUCH BIGGER picture and provide you with some GAME CHANGING strategies to make your Healing, Manifestation and Transformation process FAST and Successful.

So...if this sounds cool to you...

BOOK A CALL and I’ll schedule it in….