Discover Your Crystal / Higher Self Message for Healing and Transformation

Meditation plays a large role in helping you understand crystals. 
I once heard someone say that prayer is asking and meditation is listening! I absolutely loved that statement because it helped me learn to keep my mind chatter down and really tune in to listen to guidance from my higher self and from the crystal I was bonding and connecting with.

So…Meditation to me means going into my heart space and tapping into my Spirit. I do this by directing my attention inward to receive guidance from my Soul or from my Crystal friends or from higher (unseen) loving sources of wisdom.

This usually involves listening with my heart, receiving information with all my inner senses and paying attention to the messages that my Soul is bringing to my attention about things that are going on with me internally and therefore externally. It’s about listening inside first… and then observing the outside and making sure it reflects the inside.

Active Meditation Exercise:

So, I am now going to show you an easy way to know your crystals better… and also how to get or receive important healing and transformation messages from them.

It is such a fun experience! So, just get into meditation mode and get ready to notice the information coming into and through your consciousness as you engage with your crystal friends.
(You don’t have to lay down…just be comfortable and alert)

My assumption is that you already have a crystal you really want to hear from…but if you don’t have one…either pick a crystal intuitively or by design and hold it in your hand or place it on your heart area or on your third eye.
I usually prefer placing them around my heart and third eye because it makes it easier for me to focus and be still and centered. However, you can place them on any area of your body that you feel works for you because we all feel and experience things differently and are also guided differently.
Okay…let’s begin!

Take a deep breath and relax…
Notice the color of the crystal you have selected for this exercise…

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