How to Bond, Connect With and Easily Understand Your Crystal Messages

If you've been a regular watcher of my Youtube videos, you will notice that I'm constantly talking about how I bond or connect with my crystals or how I know what the messages that the crystals are bringing forward.

So I thought that maybe I would write down my process to just give you a little insight about how I bond with my crystals.

And this is just my personal view about crystals. I mean, there are many books that have been written about crystals and there are probably many other people who have a different view about how to bond with your crystals.

This is because everyone has their own way of interacting with the spiritual tools that they have. I'm not trying to override anyone's view of how they should do things. I'm just sharing how I interact with my crystal babies and I trust that you’ll be inspired.

Here is a short EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK...

"I bond with my crystals intuitively and I listen to the signals that my body gives me and the feelings that I have.

It is so, so important to be able to listen to your body. Your body gives you signals. You have to learn to listen to your intuition. If I'm holding a crystal anywhere around my body or in my hands…I notice, I pay attention to how my body instinctively reacts to the placement of the stone on my body or to how my body reacts or how my mind thinks about how I'm feeling in that particular moment when the stone is in my presence.

Those first thoughts, those first thoughts mean a lot to me and they help me understand why the crystal is in my life.
I'm always talking about intuition. It's so important to listen to your higher self and the messages that you get. That's one of the ways that you get information from the world around you. And that information is usually more accurate than the things that you might do on the physical arena or in the physical sense.

So, I try my best to be very intuitively guided when I'm working with my crystals or around energy. I try to sense what I'm feeling, what's going on, what am I seeing in the spiritual realm or on an energetic level, so to speak.

Noticing how I am feeling is important communication. It is a discipline that one must have if you want to work with crystals and tune in and tap into different energies. You have to learn to be very conscious of how your body's feeling and how the energy is flowing around you at every given moment, otherwise you will miss the point. You will miss the cue and you don't want that to happen, right?

So that is the other way I bond and connect with my crystals and their messages. I listen to my intuition.

That's how you tap into stones. That's how you tap into energies.
When I have for example, a selenite in my hand..."


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