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Oops! You Are Manifesting From Wrong State of Consciousness

Conscious Manifesting Tip 11: Oops! Are You Manifesting From The Wrong State of Consciousness?

You can't be trying to manifest HEALTH if you are still in a STATE of SICKNESS. You can't be trying to manifest MONEY if You are still in the STATE of POVERTY consciousness. To manifest a LOVING RELATIONSHIP you must be in the state of "HAPPILY LOVED." Your Consciousness Must SHIFT First! You must in imagination and consciousness totally ABANDON the OLD STATE or the UNWANTED state and MOVE in consciousness to the NEW...Take a Listen to this! It will Change YOUR Life!

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What Do You Want? Um...Um...I Dunno!

Conscious Manifesting Tip 10: What Do You Want? Um...Um...I Dunno!

As a Conscious Manifestor who wants to manifest, Health, Wealth, a Loving Relationship, a Successful Business or Career, Great Opportunities...It is IMPORTANT to be clear about WHAT YOU that you don't manifest what you don't want. Listen in on how to get clear on what you truly want!

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The Double Terminated Crystal and the Tree of Life

The Double Terminated Crystal and the Tree of Life

Have you noticed how similar the shape of a double terminated crystal is to that of the Tree of Life?

In many ancient traditions…the Tree of Life or the Symbol of Life is a blueprint for divine and human action and interaction. It depicts the inner qualities and workings of the Divine Creator and also the inner workings of the soul.

Within the Tree of Life are fruits of the tree…the inner attributes or qualities of the Divine…such as life, truth, power, love, light, wisdom, understanding, infinity, health, life force, vitality, abundance, benevolence, service, balance, discipline, beauty, victory, splendor, stability, or what we may also think about as fruits of the Spirit such as righteousness, peace, joy, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, self- control, perfection, and all or any good thing you can think of to add to the list...

These divine attributes are energies which also inherently exist within the blueprint of the double terminated crystal templates we are using for creation purposes and which we now know have a similar shape to that of the tree of life!

We can also work with a pictorial mandala of the Tree of Life to get an understanding of the inner attributes contained within the Divine mind. This can help us internalize and embody these attributes…and as we use them for our creation work…what is happening is we are in essence internalizing the Divine light, restoring the totality of our being and creating after the perfection of the Divine.

The Tree of Life and its branches and how they connect within the central body and work seamlessly and in harmony has been fashioned in the etheric octave by the Divine.

When we place our creations within the etheric blueprint of double terminated crystals or as you can see…the Tree of Life…or when we build crystal grids in the shape of double terminated crystals—whatever we create comes forth fully loaded with the attributes of divine perfection.
Place Your Creations Within These Blueprints.

This Tree of Life is inside all of us and is the link between us and Source. We can activate it and reconnect with it through our meditations and spiritual practices.

Now for the good part…

If you have been reading until this point…I am sure you are eager to find out how to actually do this…
So…I am now going to share with you how I do this in my own life and essentially how to use your double terminated crystal to create in the new 5D energies!

It is really a fairly simple process which we can all learn to do fairly quickly.

The good thing is that once we have embodied a huge aspect of the preparatory processes which ensures that we are aligned in love on all levels of our beings and are ready to create good fruit…the rest becomes a matter of working with intention and with the higher mind and heart to easily create.
Ok…Now to the Creation Process!

If you enjoyed this excerpt...Get My EBOOK on the Double Terminated Crystal. It will show you how to use your Double Terminated Crystal for Creation and Manifestation...and so much more!

Thank You For Your Support.

Caroline Jalango


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Use Your Inner Senses for Manifesting

Conscious Manifesting Tip 9: Use Your INNER SENSES for Manifesting!

If your desire or what you want doesn't feel REAL or NATURAL to just won't manifest. You gotta touch your desire with your INNER SENSES...your INNER EYES, EARS, TOUCH...YOU GOTTA FEEL IT!
So this Conscious Manifesting Tip is about helping you clothe your desire (what you want) with tones of reality—in your that it can manifest externally.

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The Relax and Assume Manifesting Tip

Conscious Manifesting Tip 8: The Relax and Assume Manifesting Technique

Many people know what they want to manifest BUT when you ask them whether they truly believe that what they want will materialize....Hmmm
They are not certain! They do not have that SOLID CERTAINTY and CONFIDENCE that what they want will materialize! If you find yourself saying, "I don't know if...I am not sure if...maybe maybe not...etc." You are in luck because this manifesting consciousness tip will MOVE YOU into a State of solid certainty that YOUR DESIRE will MANIFEST.

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ANXIETY Driving You Nuts?

Conscious Manifesting Tip 7: Dealing With Anxiety? You Can Eliminate it Easily!

Want to Manifest Health? Wealth, Money? A Job? A Gig? Feeling ANXIETY During a Manifestation Process Can Derail You BIG TIME especially if you leave it unchecked! Are You Letting Your Imagination Run Wild Over Things You Don't Want! Try This Conscious Manifesting Tip and Let's Get Rid of Anxiety

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Spiritually Awake But Broke and Sick

Conscious Manifesting Tip 6: Are You Spiritually Awake but Broke and Sick

The spiritual awakening journey is an amazing experience! Isn't it! It sure is! However while we are waking up, the physical realities also need attention. Whether you are spiritually awake or not, bills still have to be paid, your physical health has to be addressed, money, food, clothing, shelter, comfort for you and your family has to be available...
This means that WE must all learn how to consciously manifest what we want, so we can manifest lovely things, experiences and a lovely life where our physical needs are also met as well! We are creators...and we must create and manifest LOVELY for us and THRIVE! Be happy, be at peace, be secure...get on top of it!

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Eat The Pasta and Reject The Rice!

Conscious Manifesting Tip 5: Eat The Pasta and Reject The Rice!

As a Conscious Manifestor...are you settling for a compromised version or a weak version of what you truly want? What is showing up in your life? Is it Pasta or Rice?

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What You Are Thinking of...Is a No No

Conscious Manifesting Tip 4: What You Are Thinking of is a No No!

Thinking of something will derail you...THINKING FROM something is GOLD! If you are a conscious manifestor...this little bit will open your eyes! Find out the difference and then create and manifest consciously.

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Feeling LONELY...You Gotta Reach Out

Conscious Manifesting Tip 3: If You Are Lonely...You Gotta Reach Out

Many are waking up in consciousness and realizing that they are all alone. Many lightworkers and spiritually awake people are lonely and isolated! It doesn't have to be that can do something about it! Spiritually awake, Conscious...Feeling Lonely...Feeling like you have no friends? Listen in!

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Notice...or You Will Manifest Crap

Conscious Manifesting Tip 2: Notice...or You Will Manifest Crap!

If you are consciously trying to manifest health, money...or if you are sick, broke, lonely, loveless, frustrated, depressed or whatever...and you are consciously trying to manifest a lovely state for better pay attention and NOTICE...otherwise you'll manifest crap!

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Block Out The Nonsense

Conscious Manifestation Tip 1: Block Out The Nonsense!

We all expect and want to have a good life BUT there are some things that happen to us that are so bad...that they can leave us literally shaking like leaves! Sometimes we receive some news that is so's blinding! Bad health diagnosis, sudden unemployment, dwindling cash, losses and disappointments of all kinds, threatening legal or financial matters...and whatever! So...what's an Awakened Being to do? Block out the Nonsense! Find out how!

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How To Use A Double Terminated Crystal to Create and Manifest

Got a Double Terminated Crystal? You can use it Powerfully to Start Creating and Manifesting! What are You Waiting For?

Crystals are Here To Assist. Learn How To Use Them.

Many are looking for answers to questions like; “What to do with their higher consciousness ideas…how to use the high vibrational new earth energies to create and manifest they type of realities they prefer…what types of creation tools and strategies to use, how to use crystals and so forth…

In response…I want to suggest The Double Terminated Quartz Crystal as one way to support the process of 5D New Earth creations—because it is a Powerful Etheric Blueprint with the archetypal energy of the divine attributes required for high vibrational creations at this time. 

Excerpts from My EBOOK:
How to Use a Natural Quartz Double Terminated Crystal to Create & Manifest in 5D

"If you have a natural double terminated crystal to work with…please hold it in your hand at this time..."

If you don’t have one…you can draw an image or trace the outline of a double terminated crystal on a piece of paper or in your journal. If you want to make a crystal grid in the shape of a double terminated can do that as well.

Although not recommended…but as previously mentioned…if you only have a single terminated quartz crystal or a solid piece of quartz crystal—for this exercise…you can visualize the outline or shape of a double terminated crystal with your third eye or inner vision and then superimpose that visual on the quartz crystal.

Whether you are working with a physical crystal or with the traced or etheric blueprint…place your creation through intention in the center of the crystal… 

This is the crystal blueprint—the etheric field or creation template which you will be using for your 5D creation.

"Once you have done what I described and followed the instructions on the layout image provided in the ebook…it’s time to move to STEP 2 of the creation business…"

To find out more...

My EBOOK on  The Secret of The Double Terminated Crystal Will Show You How to Use These Powerful Crystals for Creation and Manifestation! Crystals are Here To Assist Us! You can Purchase it Here...

Thank You For Your SupportSmile

Caroline Jalango


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How To Easily Manifest Health, Wealth, Love

How To Easily Manifest Health, Wealth, Love...
Like A BOSS!

Are You Curious About The SUBTLE HIDDEN THINGS You have been missing in your process of conscious manifestation?

In this EBOOK...You will discover 3 STRATEGIES You Must Absolutely Use!

~You want to manifest money, You want to manifest health...
~You want to manifest a loving relationship...
~You want to manifest a good job, You want to be secure…happy…but it’s NOT HAPPENING!

You have tried everything you know…but something just ain’t right!
What is going on?

~If you are tired of unwanted patterns that keep repeating over and over again…
~If you are tired of being, sick ,broke, jobless, in loveless relationships, of legal issues, loneliness...
~If you are tired of living in anxiety and fear...and of situations that repeat and keep producing the same old results that keep you in an unending cycle of frustration…struggle and desperation…
~If something in your life just won’t go away…or keeps escalating…

It’s time to STOP and REBOOT!
It’s time to Start Manifesting What You Want—Undaunted—Like a BOSS!

What unwanted experience is repeating in your life?
Whether it about the PAST, PRESENT or FUTURE…

If the same issues you don’t want are being replayed in your life experience…this BOOK is FOR YOU!!

In this book, I will share with you 3 EFFECTIVE sure fire STRATEGIES that WORK and which if applied will easily move you out of the UNWANTED and Transform your life in a way that will AMAZE you!

(Delivered as a 40 page .pdf file, instant download after purchase.)

How To Get Your Spiritual Work NOTICED

Light Workers, Spiritual Beings...It is Time To Let Your Light Shine and Get Your Spiritual Work Noticed!

I can still clearly hear these words ringing in my ear...
“Don’t bother writing a book unless you have an audience!” “Nobody will read it…so why bother? Get an audience first!”

These words coming from someone I respected were a shock to my system. Even though I knew that I would ultimately need an audience…the idea that the few books I was writing were never going to be enjoyed by others because they would never be found left me speechless!

What did this mean? Did it mean that because I didn’t have an audience, my work of love…my spiritual work…one of the ways in which I express myself and through which I bring forward higher consciousness information to assist others would go nowhere?

Wow! What was I to do now?

As I looked around the internet wondering how other people were marketing their spiritual work, getting “audiences” or reaching others who were willing to collaborate with them or buy their work…I also came across many other people who were charging huge fees to help people who had no “audience” develop their brand, market or advertise their work. I got so overwhelmed and discouraged by what I was seeing out there. It was just too much for me…

I kept thinking to myself “There has to be a way out! There has to be an alternative way in which all this “un-discoverability” could be bypassed!”

There are so many people who have tapped into higher consciousness energies and have increased the light quotients within their energy field. There are also many others who have higher consciousness spiritual gifts to share with the world…ideas, technologies, healing modalities and so forth.
So, what happens to all their amazing life transformation offerings if they don’t get “seen” or “heard of” or noticed?

I know some people may feel uncomfortable with the idea of getting noticed but...when you think about how important and unique each of us are and how we all matter…and assist each other…and how we change each other’s lives for the better and in so many ways—you will be glad someone noticed your light.

Never Underestimate The Impact of The Power of The Light You Radiate. Our Lights Shine To Be Seen.

So, if you are among those who have great ideas about what you want to create and manifest in the world or if you are one of those people who have already created lots of awesome art, paintings, products…or even written a book and your work is now gathering dust or locked away in some storage area—because your hopes of it ever selling or being found or shared has dwindled...
There is a way out…

I would like to mention that we all know that there is already so much information in the world about how to do this and how to do that…and that most of it requires major hustling—and these approaches are probably okay for those who have the energy for it…but seriously…not everyone is cut out for the exhausting hustle getting noticed seems to involve or that society has programmed us to believe as the way to do it! So what now?

Beautiful Soul,
If you are consciously creating and intending to bring forth and share your gifts of love with others…
If you want your work to have a wider reach and to get to those who need it…
If you want to stand out from the crowd…get noticed and get discovered by others…

My EBOOK on How to use the Vesica Piscis sacred geometry symbol to get noticed, spread your light in the world...has useful and important information that will assist you greatly in magnetizing others to your Light! You can Purchase it Here...

Thank You For Your SupportSmile

Caroline Jalango


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The information herein is for information purposes and does not constitute medical advice.

Double Terminated Crystal Secret

How to Use Your Double Terminated Crystal to Create and Manifest Abundance of Goodness.

Got a Double Terminated Crystal?

Ready to Create Abundance and Prosperity in your life?

This Ebook will Show You The Secret of The Double Terminated Crystal and How To Use It For Creation & Manifestation in 5D New Earth!

Whether you work with crystals or powerful consciousness tools and information is available to assist those who recognize and resonate with high dimensional creation methods being revealed! 

It's time to use them to create and manifest the high frequency life and reality you want! Everything is Possible! Believe!

In this Ebook:
~ You will learn why the Double Terminated Crystal is important for 5D New Earth creation purposes at this time...
~ You will learn the specific type of Double Terminated Crystal to Use and WHY!
~ How I received this information and the importance of paying attention to your dreams...
~ You will learn the specific process and steps of how to consciously create with the Double Terminated Crystal...
~ How to ensure that Manifestation occurs much more fun transformational info!

(Delivered as a 41 page .pdf file, instant download after purchase.)

Activate Light Language

How To Accept, Activate and Use Your Light Language Codes or SymbolsActivate Light Language Codes

Have You received Light Language Codes in the form of Sacred geometry, Symbols, Shapes, Recurring Numbers, Colors, Sounds, Formulas? 

Are You Seeing Spirals, Merkaba, Pyramids, Numbers, flower of life, sri yantra, 11:11 11:44 4444 and so forth?

What do they really mean? Why are they in your awareness? What are you NOW supposed to do with them?

This Ebook answers these questions and more...including:
~ What is Light Language and where does it come from?
~ What are the different types of Light Language Codes....
~ Why are Light Language Codes coming into your conscious awareness...
~ How Light Language Codes are perceived and received...
~ Who can receive Light Language codes and why do they receive them?
~ What is the most important step to take after you have received a Light Language code...
~ The most important step that consciously activates your Light Codes and allows it to start downloading its messages...
~ How to consciously receive Light Language Codes and move them through your energy field and chakras...
~ The difference between conscious activation of Light Language codes and Unconscious Automatic Activation...
~ How I received the information about the Light Language code process and why it's important to pay attention to your dreams...
~ Light Language Active Meditation Exercise: How to activate your Light Language Codes & Move them through Your Lower Chakras... 
~ How to creatively express your Light Language Code Message in your daily life...
~ How to determine whether your Light Code is Personal or whether to share it with others...

(Delivered as a 42 page .pdf file, instant download after purchase.)

Octagon Symbol Secret

The Octagon Symbol Secret: How to Heal Yourself and Your Family

Are You Drawn to the Octagon Symbol? It is not an accident!
It's Time To Be Healed! It's Time For Your Family To Be healed!

This Ebook Will Show you...How To Activate & Use The Power of The Octagon Symbol to Heal Yourself, Your Family and so much more...

Geometric symbols are now coming into our awareness as spiritual tools of higher consciousness. The codes activate and download information that assist us in raising our vibration and light so that we can create and enjoy higher consciousness life!

In this Ebook You will learn:
~Why you are drawn to the Octagon Symbol
~Practical ways you can effectively  use the Octagon Symbol or Geometry in your daily life...
~How to Activate the Octagon Symbol so it can work for you...
~The 2 combination keys needed to activate the Octagon Symbol Energy...
~Why the Octagon is one of the powerful energies of the 5D new Earth
~How to create an Octagon Forcefield of energy to shift your frequency, change undesirable life situations, heal yourself and those you love...
~How I came across this information...and so much more fun transformative stuff.

(Delivered as a 47 page .pdf file, instant download after purchase.)

Vesica Piscis Secret

The Vesica Piscis Secret: How To Get Your Spiritual Work and Creations Noticed!

Wondering how to get your spiritual work noticed, discovered, found and shared with others?
Nothing Wrong With That!
And Yes...There is A Way to Do it Without the HUSTLE!

You can finally get your spiritual work noticed and the universe is here to help!

We are here to make an impact and we have a higher mission to change the world through our presence here, our love and our gifts...
It's time to shine our Lights of Love...
It's time to get Noticed! Again...Nothing wrong with that!

So I will show you how to use the Vesica Piscis symbol to radiate your internal light externally...

In This Ebook You Will Learn...
~What the Vesica Piscis symbol is and why it is very important for consciousness at this time
~ Why the old ways of doing things no longer work and why Vesica Piscis is a symbol of change, new ways of doing and being!
~How to ensure that what you are creating is Pure and why Purity is important!
~How to prepare yourself and your spiritual work to get NOTICED!
~How to easily use the Vesica Piscis Symbol for maximum effect!

(Delivered as a 44 page .pdf file, instant download after purchase.)

Crystal Clusters & How To Use Them

Do you have a Crystal a Quartz Cluster, Amethyst Cluster or any crystal with distinct points?

My Crystal Cluster which I lovingly call "Old Rusty" is a very trusted friend of mine. We've been together for a long time and it has taken me through a lot of processes.
One of the things that Old Rusty has taught me is that we are never stuck and that the Universe offers us options to move forward and make progress because there are so many ways of doing things.

One easy but important thing you can learn from Crystal Clusters is that each cluster point really shows us that there are different ways of doing things.
So if you feel stuck in any area of your life and you have a crystal cluster...Think about the particular thing that's making you feel stuck... look at the cluster points on your crystal and count them. How many are they? Those are the number of ways that are open to you as possibilities of getting unstuck.

Simple Exercise:
Think about at least 5 ways of sorting out what's going on or 5 things you can do today to get unstuck!
We just gotta do what we gotta do to get our lives moving because we truly have no excuse and most importantly because we can!
Remember that We are always so loved and supported by the universe! So perhaps...this is one way in which you can work with your crystal cluster or  learn from or embrace the messages of your crystal cluster. 

Remember...there is never any accident why we get the crystals that we have and they are always there to assist us!

The crystal cluster points remind you that there are many options available. There are many doors that can open for you. There are many alternatives and opportunities…and you are not stuck. Only look and you will see! What do you see?

Each cluster point shows you that there are many ways that you can love. There's just not one way. You can love this way. You can love that way. You can love this way and you can love that way! There are just so many ways to love!
How are you showing love today?

They Cluster points show you that there are many ways that you can send light to yourself and to the world. There are so many ways that you can do the things you want to do!
And yes of course… there are also so many other ways that you can listen to messages from the crystal and from the universe!

Do you have Crystal Cluster? I would love to hear your experiences with it.

Cheers to You and To All Crystal Clusters All Over The Multiverses!

Much Love,

Caroline Jalango

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The Octagon Symbol & How To Use It In Daily Life

How to Activate and Use the Energy of the Octagon Symbol or Shape in Your Daily Life:

The changes that are occurring in our lives and upon the earth at this time are taking us deeper into ourselves. The energies are changing and the old ways of doing things don’t seem to work anymore…the doors that were once open are now tightly shut and new doors are being revealed to us. These new doors need new keys to unlock the portals that lead into the new higher frequency experiences we are entering into.

Fortunately…we are now becoming aware of the sacred geometrical shapes and symbols that are coming into our consciousness and we are remembering that they are transformative energy vortexes that can be used as keys to shift our lives.

The symbols or sacred geometry shapes are a language humans resonate with on an innate level because they are already encoded and imprinted within our energetic fields…they already exist within our beings and are not outside us…and when we find ourselves drawn to them…it is because we have reached a frequency level where the codes are ready to activate and to come alive within us.

These geometric symbols are the keys many of us will be using to access the new earth energies that are necessary for change, growth, transformation and evolution at this time.

The symbols contain layers of beneficial information that reveal what we need to do in order to evolve into the next phase of who we truly are.

Those who have chosen to go deeper into their evolution process are already using sacred symbols to open up the closed doorways within their mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies so that they can transition easily into the next higher frequency or spiritual experience without much stress

There are many who now trust the resonance of the symbolic light language code information that is assisting them and have chosen to use them as keys for activating the energies of evolution into a higher vibration of existence.

The Octagon Symbol is a powerful, life changing and high frequency activation key and how to work with it is what I will be sharing with you in this conversation.
To Learn More About How To Use Octagon Symbol...Please Purchase Full Audio Here

Thank You For Your Support Smile

Caroline Jalango


Copyright © Caroline Jalango. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter or edit it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice link:
The information herein is for information purposes and does not constitute medical advice.

Malachite Heart Healing Pendants

Beautiful Pieces of Green Malachite Heart Healing Pendants for Clearing Dense, Toxic Emotional Energies So That You Can Feel Good and Enjoy Your Life Again!

These powerful healing stones are specially selected and are based on the sacred geometry of the Heart and Circle and are also infused with the Healing Energies of 13th Octave Lahochi - a High Frequency Energy Healing modality which moves Light into your body at the speed of Love.

Malachite Healing Pendants Now Available...Click on the Image Below To Find Your Malachite Heart Healing Piece!

Labradorite Crystal Talks

LabradoriteI AM LABRADORITE: I am here to shine the spotlight on you, help you remove the false mask so that you can live your authentic truth!

The first time I ever saw a shimmering Labradorite crystal…I was left breathless! I had never seen a crystal so beautiful, so magical looking and so mystical. I remember thinking to myself; “this can’t be real…this can’t be a real stone!”

I am so glad I found Labradorite because it came into my life at a time when I was struggling with being my authentic self. Massive, scary but necessary changes were occurring in my life. I had experienced a spiritual awakening that had completely altered my idea of reality and truth. I was caught up in personal growth situations that demanded I take off my false mask and embrace my authentic self so that I could move forward in truth. I was confused about how to show up in the world because even though I desired to step forth in my truth…I didn't know how to transition from the “old me” who was used to wearing a false mask into my authentic self. 

Read more

Pyrite (Fool's Gold) Talks!

Pyrite Fools GoldI AM PYRITE: I am here to teach you to accept yourself because you are not a substitute. You are valuable and unique in your own right.

I must confess that when Pyrite a.k.a fool’s Gold first came into my life…my intention was to use it for abundance and wealth creation purposes. The idea of using Pyrite for my abundance crystal grids and for my wealth creation jars resonated with me and had come to me from books I had read.

This beautiful brass looking, almost golden looking stone glistened beautifully and was so attractive! Just having it around me made me feel rich! Since it looked like Gold to me, I thought that it was the best stone to use as a symbol for manifestation of cold hard cash!

My impression about Pyrite changed a couple of weeks ago when Pyrite decided to speak up and let me know what it was really about! One morning, I was drawn to meditate with Pyrite. As I held it in my hands…I felt the word self-acceptance come up strongly. I looked at the crystal with my inner eyes and the word self-acceptance was repeated again.  Since crystals talk, I decided to pay close attention and when I did…I heard the Pyrite say; “Caroline, please look at me closely”. It sounded like it was almost begging…so I tuned in fully. Then I heard it ask me; “What about me?” “What about me?”

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Black Tourmaline Talks!

Black TourmalineI am Black Tourmaline: I am here to help you manage anger, dissolve fear, get calm, grounded and be protected.

Black Tourmaline came into my life at a time when I was very angry. I was angry with myself, with others and with almost everything! My fuse was very short and it appeared that any little thing would be a trigger that set me off.

Even though I considered myself a spiritual person and employed various spiritual practices which helped a lot…I still struggled to manage my angry feelings. Just when I thought I had forgiven myself, others and what not…something would happen and BOOM! The angry feelings would surface again with great urgency. It was as though they had never really left. I felt like a ticking time bomb.

To the outside world, I appeared to be a well-balanced and contained person but inside, the raging waves of anger were roaring. I felt that so many things were going out of control and because I could not control those things, the fear I felt manifested as anger.

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Malachite Crystal Talks

Malachite CrystalI am Malachite: The healing stone of truth!  I shine the light, reveal hidden, painful, hurtful emotions so you can love yourself.

Malachite was the first crystal I ever officially owned. At the time Malachite came into my life, I was so unaware of crystals and their healing and loving properties that I couldn't have cared less.

When Malachite came into my life, I was experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil. I was sad, my spirit was heavy and my heart felt like it was irreparably broken. I felt like I was carrying a huge burden on my shoulders and that I was tethered down with a heavy chain around my neck. I really didn't know what to do to ease the pain I was feeling other than engage with life in a zombie like state. Little did I know that Malachite would soon unleash its full healing power in my life, highlight the issues that were going on in my life and “force” me to deal with all my hidden crap!

My dad had given me Malachite necklaces as gifts. The vibrant green Malachite necklaces were absolutely stunning and the green to black bands were so captivating. However, I could not wear the necklaces because every time I did, I felt as though the weight I was feeling around my neck and shoulders was increasing. For some reason, it always felt as though my neck would snap under their weight!  It was such a weird experience and because I had no idea what was going on…I stopped wearing them. I felt that the price of wearing these gorgeous necklaces was too high to pay!

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Rhodonite Crystal Talks

Rhodonite CrystalI am Rhodonite:  I bring emotional balance, stress and anxiety relief, stabilization and grounding!

I sometimes feel that Rhodonite is way underestimated! It shouldn't be because once this crystal comes into your life…emotional balance will come.

Rhodonite was one of the earlier crystals that came into my life when I just started on my spiritual journey. This journey was one which was really about learning to love myself and heal myself.

I was never a person who resonated with the color pink. To me pink was just a lovely color and I believed that it was a color for people who were emotional and sensitive or into a sappy type of romantic love. This was something I wasn't interested in because I felt that I was a hardened type of girl who did not need love to survive. My heart was closed to love and according to me there were much more important issues to focus my time and energy on.

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Aquamarine Crystal Talks

Aquamarine CrystalI am Aquamarine: I bring boldness in self expression and communication of  inner truth and authenticity!

Aquamarine is the first crystal that taught me that my voice mattered and that my authentic expression and truth needed to be heard...and could be heard. I love this crystal because it taught me how to speak my truth, how to express my authentic voice and how to stop being self conscious and shy.

This crystal has helped me evolve in so many ways but I have to mention that it was especially helpful for me when I worked a 9 to 5 Job in the 3D world! The matrix working world was an environment in which my voice was never heard or respected. I am so glad it’s over!

Anyway, I was working at a job where I had been overlooked for so long and where my feedback or voice was not considered important despite the fact that I was the one who did the job and knew what the issues were with that specific job. For some reason, other people were always called upon to voice their professional opinions about my job…a job which they didn't do and had no idea about.

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