How To Get Your Spiritual Work NOTICED

Light Workers, Spiritual Beings...It is Time To Let Your Light Shine and Get Your Spiritual Work Noticed!

I can still clearly hear these words ringing in my ear...
“Don’t bother writing a book unless you have an audience!” “Nobody will read it…so why bother? Get an audience first!”

These words coming from someone I respected were a shock to my system. Even though I knew that I would ultimately need an audience…the idea that the few books I was writing were never going to be enjoyed by others because they would never be found left me speechless!

What did this mean? Did it mean that because I didn’t have an audience, my work of love…my spiritual work…one of the ways in which I express myself and through which I bring forward higher consciousness information to assist others would go nowhere?

Wow! What was I to do now?

As I looked around the internet wondering how other people were marketing their spiritual work, getting “audiences” or reaching others who were willing to collaborate with them or buy their work…I also came across many other people who were charging huge fees to help people who had no “audience” develop their brand, market or advertise their work. I got so overwhelmed and discouraged by what I was seeing out there. It was just too much for me…

I kept thinking to myself “There has to be a way out! There has to be an alternative way in which all this “un-discoverability” could be bypassed!”

There are so many people who have tapped into higher consciousness energies and have increased the light quotients within their energy field. There are also many others who have higher consciousness spiritual gifts to share with the world…ideas, technologies, healing modalities and so forth.
So, what happens to all their amazing life transformation offerings if they don’t get “seen” or “heard of” or noticed?

I know some people may feel uncomfortable with the idea of getting noticed but...when you think about how important and unique each of us are and how we all matter…and assist each other…and how we change each other’s lives for the better and in so many ways—you will be glad someone noticed your light.

Never Underestimate The Impact of The Power of The Light You Radiate. Our Lights Shine To Be Seen.

So, if you are among those who have great ideas about what you want to create and manifest in the world or if you are one of those people who have already created lots of awesome art, paintings, products…or even written a book and your work is now gathering dust or locked away in some storage area—because your hopes of it ever selling or being found or shared has dwindled...
There is a way out…

I would like to mention that we all know that there is already so much information in the world about how to do this and how to do that…and that most of it requires major hustling—and these approaches are probably okay for those who have the energy for it…but seriously…not everyone is cut out for the exhausting hustle getting noticed seems to involve or that society has programmed us to believe as the way to do it! So what now?

Beautiful Soul,
If you are consciously creating and intending to bring forth and share your gifts of love with others…
If you want your work to have a wider reach and to get to those who need it…
If you want to stand out from the crowd…get noticed and get discovered by others…

My EBOOK on How to use the Vesica Piscis sacred geometry symbol to get noticed, spread your light in the world...has useful and important information that will assist you greatly in magnetizing others to your Light! You can Purchase it Here...

Thank You For Your SupportSmile

Caroline Jalango


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