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The Octagon Symbol & How To Use It In Daily Life

How to Activate and Use the Energy of the Octagon Symbol or Shape in Your Daily Life:

The changes that are occurring in our lives and upon the earth at this time are taking us deeper into ourselves. The energies are changing and the old ways of doing things don’t seem to work anymore…the doors that were once open are now tightly shut and new doors are being revealed to us. These new doors need new keys to unlock the portals that lead into the new higher frequency experiences we are entering into.

Fortunately…we are now becoming aware of the sacred geometrical shapes and symbols that are coming into our consciousness and we are remembering that they are transformative energy vortexes that can be used as keys to shift our lives.

The symbols or sacred geometry shapes are a language humans resonate with on an innate level because they are already encoded and imprinted within our energetic fields…they already exist within our beings and are not outside us…and when we find ourselves drawn to them…it is because we have reached a frequency level where the codes are ready to activate and to come alive within us.

These geometric symbols are the keys many of us will be using to access the new earth energies that are necessary for change, growth, transformation and evolution at this time.

The symbols contain layers of beneficial information that reveal what we need to do in order to evolve into the next phase of who we truly are.

Those who have chosen to go deeper into their evolution process are already using sacred symbols to open up the closed doorways within their mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies so that they can transition easily into the next higher frequency or spiritual experience without much stress

There are many who now trust the resonance of the symbolic light language code information that is assisting them and have chosen to use them as keys for activating the energies of evolution into a higher vibration of existence.

The Octagon Symbol is a powerful, life changing and high frequency activation key and how to work with it is what I will be sharing with you in this conversation.
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