ALL of a sudden...ONE NIGHT in 2010, my body started shaking and vibrating—like an inner earthquake.

There was a loud buzzing sound moving steadily through my entire being—toward the top of my head. It was like an inner trumpet calling me to attention.

My inner world radiated and became animated—all my senses were heightened. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me at the time but I instinctively knew not to interrupt I surrendered to it.

This was definitely the most intense, bewildering, confusing, sweetest, profound feeling I had ever had...but yet in the weirdest way—it felt NATURAL to me and I felt ready for it even while not knowing what it was! It was exciting!

Anyway...AFTER the SHAKING and the BUZZING was over...just like that!

And I was back in this physical reality...laying on my bed and looking around in the dark—wondering what had happened to me...what had I experienced?

I soon came to realize that I had PUSHED THROUGH THE VEIL...

I had WOKEN UP from a deep sleep of unconsciousness!
I had heard the Inner CALL that WE WILL ALL eventually HEAR when our time comes...and I had responded with a YES!

I was now AWAKE!

Life would NEVER be the SAME. I would NEVER be the same again. I was AWAKE!

WE ARE ALL HERE for one thing and one thing only...TO WAKE UP to who we TRULY ARE!

We are here to RISE UP in consciousness and from unconscious slumber.
We are here to REMEMBER the TRUTH about the POWERFUL BEINGS that WE ARE!

ARISE and SPIRAL out Higher and Higher in Consciousness!

Awakened Beings...that is how it started out for me. (Kundalini Rising-ish Style)
How about you?

Have you had an experience of this nature?