I LOVE Crystal Geodes!

One of the MANY things I LOVE about them is that MOST of US are just like GEODES!
At one point…these Geodes had to be cracked wide open. Their original structure had to change and they had to take on a new role — a much more beautiful role that revealed the Light that they had hidden within.

There are certain thoughts, attitudes, patterns, beliefs which YOU may have once held before certain events occurred that caused a “crack” in your original structure and CHANGED your way of experiencing life.
It happens to MOST of us.

Geodes have experienced changes in their physical structures that have CRACKED them wide open! And so they teach us that it’s okay to allow transformation to occur when inevitable change happens.

They teach us that it is okay to break open. It is okay to let yourself be seen…and it doesn’t matter what being seen looks like.
It is okay to reveal your Light within. It is okay to allow the Light in. It is okay to be the NEW YOU!

LIFE is an ebb and flow! Shifts occur all the time. Some are painful…some are awesome! And when they do occur…please remember that there is still so much beauty, light and wisdom beyond the initial painful situations you have experienced.

The wide open crack in a Geode is a welcoming OPEN DOOR policy for those who need to enter within and seek the wisdom and safety of the inner worlds!

If you are experiencing a “geode like” situation or feel like something has “cracked” your usual existence… “Go WITHIN YOUR INNER GEODE” first!


Love YOU!