What is the most common SHAPE in the room you spend the most time in?

It could be affecting YOU!

When I noticed how many SQUARE shaped things I had at home and at work... and how those "Square" energies were literally limiting and affecting my flow...
I decided to use more CIRCLE energies to change things up.

Waah! Squares can be so limiting! 😅 They keep us in a box & prevent expansion of opportunities - just like those Square Office Cubicles!

(No wonder people struggle with getting promotions, raises etc).

It's time to change things up for the better!

We gotta EXPAND into the goodness we want!

Anyhoooo...I made an Amethyst Crystal Circle Grid and I am Imagining Each One of You Receiving or Hearing Some GOOD NEWS TODAY! Woohoooo!

Love You All! 💚