YOU are LIFE...not the facts of life!

YOU are LIFE...not the "facts of life."

This crucial understanding was a Life Changer for Me.

Depending on each person's situation, some "facts of life" and what they seem to imply are scary and threatening. Some are OMG—fantastic and some are just...blah!

We've been trained to settle for stories and fiction about the "facts of life" that show up in our physical life experience...and many of us tend to believe that those "facts of life" are US.

Whatever the case...even if/when the "facts of life" appear to be "real" in your life...they are STILL NOT YOU!

YOU are LIFE...not the "facts of life."

Keep noticing the difference.

SWING back in CONSCIOUSNESS  to the innate knowing of who you Truly Are—A Powerful BEING — and OCCUPY LIFE.

BE Conscious of you as LIFE...ENJOY being LIFE. LIVE!