Pearls of Wisdom


ONE DAY I realized that LIFTING OTHERS UP in Consciousness...
Was as EASY as 1, 2, 3...

All I needed to do—was to Share My Experiences.

I discovered that I was not ALONE...

And that there were MANY other BEAUTIFUL Souls having an ADVENTURE of a LIFETIME...on this Amazing Journey!

If Not YOU...Then WHO?

When YOU Understand The Power and Magic of The INVISIBLE REALMS...

You Have Much To  SHARE...You Have Much To GIVE...Much To RECEIVE...

Awakened Being...If Not YOU...Then WHO?


Share Your LIGHT

ONE DAY in 2014, I decided to START SHARING my EXPERIENCES on a public forum — YouTube.

I could have CHOSEN NOT TO...because I was self-conscious and nervous...and I honestly really didn't know what I was doing...BUT I DID.

That DECISION turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Back then, I had NO CLUE where my sharings would go...who I would meet, how my life would change and MOST IMPORTANTLY how SHARING MY EXPERIENCES would IMPACT others.

So much LOVELINESS has happened since then...and the LOVELINESS continues.