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Rhodonite Crystal Talks

Rhodonite CrystalI am Rhodonite:  I bring emotional balance, stress and anxiety relief, stabilization and grounding!

I sometimes feel that Rhodonite is way underestimated! It shouldn't be because once this crystal comes into your life…emotional balance will come.

Rhodonite was one of the earlier crystals that came into my life when I just started on my spiritual journey. This journey was one which was really about learning to love myself and heal myself.

I was never a person who resonated with the color pink. To me pink was just a lovely color and I believed that it was a color for people who were emotional and sensitive or into a sappy type of romantic love. This was something I wasn't interested in because I felt that I was a hardened type of girl who did not need love to survive. My heart was closed to love and according to me there were much more important issues to focus my time and energy on.

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Aquamarine Crystal Talks

Aquamarine CrystalI am Aquamarine: I bring boldness in self expression and communication of  inner truth and authenticity!

Aquamarine is the first crystal that taught me that my voice mattered and that my authentic expression and truth needed to be heard...and could be heard. I love this crystal because it taught me how to speak my truth, how to express my authentic voice and how to stop being self conscious and shy.

This crystal has helped me evolve in so many ways but I have to mention that it was especially helpful for me when I worked a 9 to 5 Job in the 3D world! The matrix working world was an environment in which my voice was never heard or respected. I am so glad it’s over!

Anyway, I was working at a job where I had been overlooked for so long and where my feedback or voice was not considered important despite the fact that I was the one who did the job and knew what the issues were with that specific job. For some reason, other people were always called upon to voice their professional opinions about my job…a job which they didn't do and had no idea about.

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